Macs, iphones, ipads, ipods and now the iwatch?

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After several companies are heading toward the wearable technology way, with the most recent and talked about Google Glass, several other companies seem to be joining the bandwagon.

Being an avid Apple fan, I had to look at what Apple calls "The iWatch."

This product is still not released but like all the other Apple products is being talked about by almost anyone who claims to be an Apple fan.


Johnston and Murphy are said to be the "dream team" behind the iWatch according to an article on The Business Insider. Apple hasn't officially said or released a Keynote like they usually do for all their products, but according to The Guardian, "Apple could release the iWatch at the next Apple device event, rumoured to be within the next month, for a possible refresh of the iPad models."

In simple words the iWatch is a watch that displays a short summary of the contents on your iphone, ipad or maybe even mac. You can answer calls and also track your activity almost like Nike's Fuel Band and The UP band.

In conclusion, I am very excited since it's an Apple product and I'm always very excited to see what they come out with, but just like everything in science this is all uncertain and could change close to the actual release date or when Apple gives out an official word. Until then I just helped hype their next product! :)

1 Comment

I'm not really the biggest fan of Apple products. I have an iPhone and I do love it, but I think Apple as a whole is completely overrated. They are such a big company because their products are really sleek and modern looking-- let's be honest, people judge books based off their covers. The reason I have an iPhone is because I think it looks a lot better than a Samsung or a Nexus. I don't think iOS is better than Android, but I think it's definitely nicer looking. I can't foresee the iWatch being successful because I don't know anyone who would buy it. In fact, Hartmut Esslinger, founder of Frog and designer of Apple's original design language, said he doesn't see the iWatch being "enough" for Apple to continue to be on top. I guess time will tell.

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