Lucid Dreaming: Is it Real?

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The other day this topic came up while talking with my roommates. I personally have never have never experienced lucidity. Apparently, there are different techniques to help you get there. One of my roommates tried listening to special music as he dozed off and he claims it worked. How does science explain lucid dreams? Or can science even explain lucidity?

A lucid dream is basically the ability to recognize the facts that your dreaming inside a dream. I am told that once you realize you are dreaming you can, from that point on, control the chain of events. Rebecca Turner shares her insight on lucid dreaming since she has experienced hundreds of them first hand. The article states that self-awareness within dreams has occurred in history among many cultures and been documented. British parapsychologist Keith Hearne was the first scientist to pioneer lucid dreams by documenting pre-determined eye movements signals from a volunteer. Once the patient maintained self awareness he was able to match the pattern agreed upon with Hearne.

Want to find out how you can lucid dream too? Check this out.

1 Comment

This, in a way, reminds me of Inception. Strangely enough, for the last few months, I've been trying to have a Lucid dream, and it hasn't worked so far. A question I've always posed is if Lucid Dreaming will have the same effects as having REM sleep. The concept seems pretty interesting, to have the ability to be aware that you are dreaming, and do what-ever you wished.
(Cue Inception Theme song)

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