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In college, many accept the idea that sleep is the least of their priorities. One can always push forward now and collapse when they find time. Ironically, when that time comes, a lot of students prefer to stay up all night instead of sleeping. Now I personally make a point to catch my Z's, but too often I see people yawning through their morning classes while complaining about their late nights.


So what puts us to sleep? Food gives us energy. If energy alone can't keep us awake, what else do we need? THIS ARTICLE aims to explain.


Cognition. The power of the human mind has led us from a simple caveman attitude to a world of mobility, creativity and responsibility. Sleeping gives our brain the fuel to keep thinking the same way that food gives our heart the capability to keep pumping.


Not sleeping results in the worst sort of moods. Grumpiness, lack of concentration, slow response, and more are the common symptoms college students and almost anyone anywhere takes a risk of having if they don't sleep properly. Even being awake for 17 hours at a time leads to decreased memory and language functionality.


If sleep is this powerful of a factor in what we can take away from our lives, I think it's necessary for students in any school setting, and adults in any work setting to be aware of the importance and influence of sleep. In a first year Penn State seminar, regarding any major, it should be a point worth mentioning.


We've all been told that all-nighters are bad, but has anyone bothered explaining the real reasons why? In a day and age where we are ever-seeking knowledge, and that there has to be a thorough explanation before change is enacted, "making you feel better" as an answer simply isn't enough. By studying the effects of not sleeping, rather than just experiencing them, people would be more aware and more willing to change toward the better. That conscience guilt of planning one's day in a way that robs them of sleep, will make the following day more favorable of sleep. Though, one would hope in teaching sleep, we don't accidentally put the sleep-deprived to sleep!


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I often find myself yawning multiple times in my morning classes even if i get a decent amount of sleep the night before. That may be because I have only been awake for an hour or it may be because 8 hours of sleep isnt enough for me as an individual. Ive heard that every person is different when it comes to how much sleep they need to be able to function the next day. I know people that can sleep for 4 hours and look 2 times better than me the next morning even though i slept twice as much! Whats up with that? Is it because of habit or is their body better than mine? In that article it explains that quality and quantity of sleep is what matter when it comes to getting a good nights rest. So maybe I'm not getting good quality sleep and thats whats causing me to not be as awake as others.

I know for me, I need at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night, because I can't function without it. In college that seems crazy to say, and I wish I would stay up later to finish the rest of that homework, but my body just doesn't function on little sleep. This is why, if I don't get enough sleep and have time to, I take a nap to help replenish myself! Here's an article, from the National Sleep Foundation no less, about some of the benefits for napping:

I always find studies on sleep particularly interesting with regards to people who break all the norms. In high school, I had a classmate with severe insomnia who, despite being heavily drugged to sleep, would regularly be awake for periods of 36-48 hours. How can the brain do that, when we know regular sleep is so important?
Another exception to the rule is people who practice competitively staying awake for days at a time, normally in an attempt to break the world record simply because they can. The current record holder was awake for 11 days, on live webcam, and blogged about his experience until he could no longer write coherently (day 10). Granted, he experienced some seriously worrying effects of sleep deprivation, but still, 11 days? I wish I knew more about how this was done (perhaps a topic to expand on in another blog post?).

I'm a person who LOVES her sleep so I can relate to this article. I definitely am a Mr. Grumpy Gills if I don't get all my beauty sleep and I'm not the most pleasant person. If I don't get enough sleep at night, I come home and take a nap- usually a second sleep more than a nap because it lasts so long- but a nap nonetheless. I thought about it and found this article that shows some benefits and drawbacks to napping as well!

Brennan, I completely agree with every thing you just wrote. However, when I got done reading your link . Dr. Krieger said, " a condition, shared by about 1 to 2 percent of the population, that is defined by a need for at least 10 hours of sleep at night." This article to me implied that you are sleeping well over 4 hours. But to answer your question I think it may just be your diet because I know there are healthy foods out there to help prevent your tiredness. Try eating more veggies,and eggs and of course can't forget orange juice. I personally drink coffee to try to stay awake even though I hate coffee but I have been drinking gallons of that stuff. And Brennan their body is not better than yours, it's just are genetic make-up is just a little different

Jamie, you have a healthy sleeping pattern in my opinion, I know many college kids out there that would just kill to be in your shoes for a night; the ones I know usually average out about 28 hours a week. This link basically talks about sleep , it's pretty cool check it out

Eli, maybe your classmate is thinking a lot at night, I personally can't sleep when I start thinking too much. The mind is a powerful tool and sometimes that tool needs a little reenergizing if not that can cause serious problems. Sleep is an important factor to a beings existence but that doesn't mean everyone views it like that, for some it's a uncontrollable curse where they can't sleep

And for some its a personal choice like the guy who stayed up for like two weeks and a day thats insane,

.... And who knows I might just actually expand and create a second blog, but no promises

Megan, we all try to get our beauty sleep. I know if I don't I'm Grumpy too It's nothing like waking up the next day feeling both good and fine, your link was good enjoyed reading it.

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