Laughter is the Best Medicine

tumblr_m8kjniOBy21r20qrz.jpgI'm pretty sure that everyone knows this timeless saying, but how accurate is it? Can laughter actually heal? I consider laughing a requirement for everyday.  I laugh all the time but that's mostly because I laugh at my own jokes or at my own expense. My dad called me to tell me that he had a bad day, and he wanted me to distract him with a funny story. After our conversation, I thought to myself, "how does laughter work? Why does it make us feel relief?" While doing some research I read this article from MayoClinic saying that laughter isn't just a moment of mental relief, it's so much more. Laughter has both short term and long term effects on your body! Laughing can stimulate organs such as your heart, lungs, and brain. Laughter also serves muscle relaxation. Some long term effects of laughter are immune system improvement, mood improvement, and pain relief. I didn't believe that laughter could improve your immune system! That's crazy! When negative thoughts bring you down, it can actually weaken your immune system. So, laugh! When you laugh and have positive thoughts your brain sends out neuropeptides that fight long illnesses. Crazy stuff! So do whatever you have to do, laugh at least once a day. You can watch an episode of Parks and Recreation or go on to Buzzfeed's LOL page. Make sure you laugh at least once a day! This is not a laughing matter! This is serious!


Hi Kaitlyn!
I definitely belief that laughing can relief stress or any other emotional strains. I didn't realize laughing had such a positive effect on so many organs! I found this website that talked about how laughing affects the brain and helps psychologically too. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!

Hey Kaitlyn,

I found some more infomation on how laughter helps the human body. I found it really interesting that there was not only physical benefits but social and mental.

Check it out!

Also, here is like my all time favorite youtube video that I'm sure you have seen before if you love a good laugh!

For some reason I am obsessed with this little guy!

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