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business-tax-law.jpgHey everyone! My name is Mike and I'm a sophomore accounting major! I love accounting because it's the language of business and all over the news everyday  (a Google news search revealed 2,340,000 in just .36 seconds)!

So while I was complaining to my academic adviser about my astronomy class, she recommended SC 200. My main complaint (although there were many more) was that none of it felt relevant to my life. Yea, knowing the phases of the moon can be useful, but that's something my dad teaches to his 3rd grade class. I really can't foresee myself needing to recall anything about quasars or the Hertzsprung-Russel Diagram unless I find myself on Jeopardy someday. SC 200 was recommended because it covers topics that are useful to people every day, and after reading some of the potential topics, I can predict this will be one of my favorite gen eds here at PSU!

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Hey Michael! I agree that this Science course is one of the few that seems practical for non-science majors daily lives. Another general education course that I found really fun and applicable to things that happen in my life was GEOG 020 . It was a fun class that covered many topics in Human Geography. I had Andrei Israel last Spring, and I really enjoyed it! Check it out if you need another gen-ed credit for the Spring semester!

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