Its time to get heart healthy

Most kids our age aren't really concerned about taking care of their heart. Maybe its because we associate strokes, heart disease and other heart related issues with older people and don't see it as something we need to worry about right now. Or maybe its because we think that because we don't smoke, we eat well (the majority of the time), and we maintain a healthy weight we are safe from developing heart disease. Regardless of why we think its ok not to worry about our hearts now while we in our late teens and early twenties, the truth of the matter is this; Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the UNited States and more and more people in their thirties are realizing that they have developed or are developing conditions that can lead to heart disease. Even though heart disease may not be affecting us right now it is a problem we could be facing in ten years or less. So now is the perfect time to do everything we can to protect our heart and keep it as healthy as possible. 

There are a lot of ways to be heart healthy. It can come from changing your actions or even switching up your diet.  A huge thing you can do is putting the cigarette down. We all know that smoking and even second hand smoke can lead to lung cancer but they can also increase your risk of heart disease. Staying within a healthy weight range and eating correctly can also help you avoid heart disease. Being over weight means that your body needs more blood flow which in turn means your heart is working overtime, so by staying in shape you are putting less stress on your heart to do more for your body. Other things that can help include limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, reduce stress, regularly visiting your doctor and much more which you can learn about here

Heart disease may not be something we have right now or will be diagnosed with in the coming few years but it is important that we start taking the steps now to prevent being diagnosed at all. The steps you can take to maintaining a healthy heart are so easy and are only going to help in the long run. 


Ever since I got to college, I have been eating however I wanted because parents wouldn't be here to prepare the healthier meals for me. But after reading this post I feel that I have to eat healthier and take the time to prepare a meal plan in order for me to maintain my weight as well. Since heart disease is the number 1 killer in United States.... and I don't want to jeopardize my future as well so...
I have to change it up I guess..
How to eat healthier ....

Thank you for posting about this. This is full of valuable information and people should really take the advice. As someone with a history of heart disease in my immediate family, I am one of the few young people actually aware of my own heart health and think about making healthy choices every day. I think it's something everyone needs to be conscious of.

Definitely true. The key problem is that people, like myself, will rather be comfortable with their habit than to change for health benefits. I eat healthily and exercise regularly but I believe a few adjustments will improve my health significantly. Thanks for the post Victoria.

I found you blog post very interesting because I personally have many family members who have suffered from heart problems. It is good to know that there are ways I lessen my risk of future heart problems. I did not know that stress, alcohol, and a good diet could have such a positive effect on your heart health. Thanks to your post I will definitely be more conscious of these things.

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