It's Redbull Season

Exams are starting to pick up and that means that most of the convenient stores around town are going to be swamped with kids buying energy drinks. I know that there has been a lot of talk about Redbulls being bad for you, but just how damaging are they to us? Sometimes I feel like the ends would still justify the means. images.jpeg
Here's the thing with me, unless <a href="">you read what these guys have to say</a> . Livestrong points out that Redbulls might actually be really bad for you. They point out that weight gain, insomnia and many other things might happen. Is it worth it?


I seriously hate red bulls so I don't understand why people drink them. Anyways, couldn't people monitor those side effects? Like making sure you are eating healthy if you are going to be drinking them. And isn't insomnia almost the point of drinking them? If people want the jolt from them, then I really don't feel like those side effects are even really that bad of a trade off.

I wouldn't say that insomnia is the goal. I had a red bull with breakfast this morning with the intention of getting the most out of my 9am class. I wasn't trying to avoid sleeping for two or more days.

You could absolutely try to monitor the effects; if you get too jittery or can't sleep or you gain weight, obviously you could try to cut back. You could eat healthy in an attempt to balance it out. The very scary health risks happen when you aren't expecting it though.

That's right, they can kill you. There's several cases as of late that indicate that energy drinks can have such a negative effect on your heart that basically it stops working. In my opinion, energy drinks shouldn't be available to anybody under 18. Just like with cigarettes, adults can decide what they want to put in their bodies, but children (who are generally smaller and not as well developed) should not have the option.

One more fun fact: one cup of regular coffee has more caffeine than an average energy drink. If it's a jolt you're looking for you might want to try that first.

Kids are always looking for new ways to make it easier for studying. Another major concern around exam times is adderall. Almost everyone tries to get their hands' on this drug because of the focus and "tunnel vision" it provides for you. I am not sure if red bull can cause insomnia, but adderall certainly can. Here is some information about the drugs' side effects.

No matter what you look up you'll find that Red Bull is definitely a controversial issue. Some people say it's no worse than coffee. Other's say it's extremely dangerous and should never be consumed. I drink Red Bull every once in awhile and I don't seem to have a problem with it. However, I would never advise anyone who has health or heart issues to have it. Then again, if you have serious heart issues you really shouldn't be drinking caffeine anyway, and Red Bull just happens to fall under that category. Here's an article talking more about how Coffee and Red Bull are easily comparable.

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