Is The High Worth It?

After spending the majority of the class looking at the physical harms smoking a cigarette can have on your body, I thought to myself what physical effects marijuana would have. I personally have never smoked marijuana, or more commonly referred to as weed, simply because it just doesn't seem all that appealing to me. But I think the majority of us have either smoked it or have been offered to smoke it. I know I have had plenty of chances to do it and many of my friends always give me a hard time and tell me that it's not that bad for you or no one has ever died from smoking marijuana so why shouldn't I do it? However, after looking at this article from CNN, weed is becoming more and more unappealing to me. This article talks about three people in Colorado who potentially died from synthetic marijuana. Obviously synthetic and regular marijuana are very different, but that doesn't make this article any less intriguing or relevant. As most of us know, marijuana was made legal in Colorado and Washington, however synthetic marijuana is still illegal. Companies are trying to work around these laws by creating new substances that go into synthetic marijuana. The article continues to say that "approximately 75 people who reported smoking a form of synthetic marijuana may have been seen at hospitals in the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs beginning in late August" (Falco). And on top of that the number of calls to poison control centers because of synthetic drug use have skyrocketed by almost 10,000 within one year. 
Clearly synthetic marijuana has a much worse effect on your body, but even regular marijuana can have some serious negative effects. This article goes into great detail about how marijuana effects the brain, education, and its short and long term effects. As marijuana use continues to grow and is the number one illicit drug used in the United States, the number of people suffering from these side effects and potential death are only going to get higher.Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 6.35.03 PM.png


I think this post is interesting since I think personally that the reason people think weed is better to smoke than cigarettes is because it is not addictive. Yes maybe the feeling may be arguably addictive, but it is unlike cigarettes where there is nicotine making people have a need to smoke almost a pack a day.

Here was a link I found that has facts about marijuana:

Although it is kind of funny they use things like it "has not been shown" as positives sort of what we spoke about in class today. Perhaps there is just not enough evidence that it is bad? I am not sure!

This post is a bit misleading and has inspired me to write one on this topic, not to prove you wrong but to set a record straight. Synthetic pot is nothing but an air freshener or specialty incense. Of course people are getting sick and dying. If memory serves me well, I do believe I've read that the package says DO NOT SMOKE. But otherwise this post is great in your attribution and what-not.

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