Is that blue or black?

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Growing up I would never understand how my dad would come home from work with one navy sock on and one black sock on.  It never made sense to me.

My freshman year here at penn state I took a class, in which I learned all about colorblindness.  One main aspect that I learned was that being color blind does not mean you see in just black and white like some people may believe.  I learned that when someone is color blind they just cannot tell the difference between colors that are similar like, black and blue or orange and red.  Color blindness occurs when a person has a problem with the cones in their eyes.  There is something in your eye called a retina, and that is part of the eye that is sensitive to light, that is where you can find the cells called cones.  

Something interesting that I learned in this class is that men are more likely to become color blind than women are.  Why is this so?  A mens health article explains that "Women are usually the 'carriers' of the defect which is passed on through a defective x chromosome. It is mostly men who inherit color blindness, affecting about 1 in 20 men for every 1 in 200 women." (Mens health, Jerry Kennard)  

There are a two common forms of color blindness.  Red Green colorblindness is really only found in men.  And not only can these men not see red and green but the entire color wheel is affected by this trait.  The second common form of color blindness is blue-yellow. A very rare form of colorblindness is having complete absence of color.  

For me, distinguishing colors is not an issue.  I could never imagine not being able to tell the difference between colors.  Think about this.  Is the shade of blue that you are seeing the sky, the same shade of blue that the person next to you sees the sky?  Are peoples shade of color the same?  That is something that will always blow my mind.  

Want to check to see you if your colorblind?  Check out this link!

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Color blindness was something I was always a little ignorant about. I never really new much about; similar to you I didn't know the specifics of it. However, my good friend who I've roomed with since sophomore year is color blind. A fact I didn't find out until halfway through our first year living together. Like your blog post stated he suffers from the red green color blindness. This fact I often forget, but he is sure to remind me if when I point out the attractive girl in the red dress in a public space. One thing I've always found interesting when it comes to color is if we all see the same color. As in if the red you see is the same red that I see. The article I posted below kind of touches on it. It goes off the color blindness where some people have a heightened sensitivity to color

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