Is society the problem?

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There has been a widely debated topic throughout this country concerning a certain type of beverages. Beverages that contain a little something called alcohol. In our country it has been a constant source of public attention and a problem which has affected the adolescent ages of our population. It is seen as a very prominent problem in high school and on average 10 percent of high school students report in partaking in binge drinking.( <a href="">Extreme binge drinking</a> ) These rates have risen over the years and they are even higher in college aged students under the age of twenty one. The real question is that what is affecting the steady trend of binge drinking in underage teens in our country?

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People wonder what is it about America's youth that causes them to be drawn to this sort of behavior? Is it the view which our culture has towards this sort of behavior and how it is displayed in movies and the media? If a teen watches movies depicting people their age engaging in this sort of behavior and having a fun time "partying" is it not surprising that they would seek to do the same? Or perhaps it is the fact that it is forbidden and teens are constantly told that they should never drink that makes it so appealing. When you look at how other countries deal with their laws regarding the consumption of alcohol for younger people it may shed some light on the matter. For example in many European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland which have a drinking age of only sixteen years old do not have nearly as many problems as the United States. ( <a href="">International Guide to Drinking Ages</a> ) From these instances it seem quite apparent to me that the problem is not the substance but instead the way that our society addresses it. If the media did not make the impression that the more a person engages in heavy drinking the more fun they will have is partially to blame for how alcohol is abused in younger members of society. The other source for this problem is how it is not introduced to adolescents in a proper manner showing them the correct way to use alcohol. Instead adolescents are simply told it is bad and alcohol is turned into the forbidden fruit which is so very tempting to those teens. It is how society has portrayed alcohol which is the source of the wide scale abuse of alcohol in the youth of this country.


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I agree with you that binge drinking is hyped up by our society. In movies, facebook updates and almost any conversation among buddies, getting wasted seems to make events more interesting. This problem is probably here to stay for a very long time. Here is some stat on binge drinking in America

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