Is 8 glasses of water enough to drink a day?

My mom always told me, you better be drinking enough water or you're going to get a headache! As a kid, I never believed her, but now I drink about a gallon a day or I seriously do get a headache.
What do simple H20 molecules actually do for the human body? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water has many benefits. It keeps your body temperature regulated, which is important to every day health. Water lubricates joints, as well as cushions them. The more water you drink, the more protection you have on your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues. Water is needed to digest food, and is needed to regulate your metabolism. It is needed to dissolve nutrients so that they can pass through the intestinal cell walls into your bloodstream, and move food along through your intestinal tract.
Even though you may have to go to the bathroom quite often, the more water you drink will constantly flush toxins from your system. While it replenishes cells, it also carries important nutrients and oxygen to the entire body. This is necessary for bodily functions such as muscle movements and brain function, because it sends electrical messages between cells. 
Dehydration is one of the worst things your body can experience. It can happen because of many reasons, so it is important to drink water throughout the day. As soon as you wake up you should drink water so your brain can start the day right. 
So how much water should you actually drink during a 24 hour period? According to Dr. Oz, the old rule was 64 ounces. But now the Institute of Medicine says women need 91 ounces a day-- from food and water intake. 
Are you drinking enough?


I drink water like crazy, but I still don't think I drink enough. It's crazy to think about how much water your body needs just to function properly. I remember reading an article about a month ago in a fitness magazine about the importance of water, especially when you work out regularly. You're body loses so much water through sweat and it is so important to regain that water through drinking. Water just makes you feel healthier too. It helps to make all your organs function properly. Here's a list of five truths about water and drinks in general.

I definitely believe that everyone needs to drink 91 ounces of water a day. I do not know how people could go a whole day without drinking a ton of water, because I do. Like you, I get a headache and definitely can not function as well if I don't drink water constantly throughout the day. Our bodies are about 50-60% water, so that goes how to show how important water is. I found something interesting while researching this topic: you can drink too much water in a short amount of time and you can actually get water intoxicated. ( )
So although I can't get enough of drinking water, I should actually be more careful with how much I am intaking!

Wow, 91 ounces is definitely a lot more water than I would've thought you needed on a daily basis! I know I don't drink that much, but after reading this I will be more cautious of it. I feel like to get 91 ounces you would have to be drinking water constantly and I know if I drink too much water I fill up from it very quickly and can start to feel sick sometimes. For people like me that struggle to get the daily intake, click the link I've included in this post. It gives some helpful tips to make sure you meet the recommended amount!

I love water, but I definitely don't think I drink enough! Last year, I used to carry around a huge nalgene bottle to ensure I got enough, or what I thought was enough each day! I cannot believe you need 91 ounces a day! My mind is officially blown! It's hard to imagine even drinking that each day! I can definitely feel the effects of not drinking enough water and I actually get dehydrated much easier than other people. I used to faint a lot, due to dehydration. I think it's important to always stress to people the importance of drinking enough water. I used to get mad at my mom for always yelling at me but this article is just one more reminder of how important water really is!

I love water but I definitely do not drink enough. I'm not a fan of tap water so I invested in a bobble and I find myself drinking a lot of water on campus now. I also prefer to spend the extra 30 cents and buy the 1 liter bottles of water because when I finish and refill them at home with my Brita (sorry I sound like a snob) I know how much I'm drinking and if it's enough versus if I just kept drinking cups. Your post definitely opened my eyes to how much more water I need to be drinking though! Especially with the amount of coffee I drink, I'm constantly dehydrated.

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