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            Growing up science was never a difficult course for me; I even won the special science award in the 8th grade. I always enjoyed working with chemicals during different experiments and seeing how things change. As I leveled up a grade science of course became harder and more rigorous. Even with that I still managed to get A's and B's in my science classes. Although I enjoyed science and was quite good at it, it was never something I wanted to make a career out of. My love is talking to individuals and helping people.helping-hands.jpg I started out wanting to be a psychiatrist, I came to Penn State and took a psychology class and hated it (I blame the professor). I then found out about HDFS (Human Development and Family Studies) which strings from psychology but is more focused on specific age groups. I enjoy my HDFS classes but the only job that seems to come from that particular major is to be a Social worker which is something that I am nowhere near interested in. I am in the division of undergraduate studies so I get to shop around a bit major wise.

            My counselor recommended that I spoke with someone in the Health and Human Development department since I am so hung up on helping people. I took my counselor's advice and stumbled upon the Communication Science and Disorders major which seemed pretty interesting. It's based around audiology and speech pathology. I thought I should give this major a try because it entails what I love to do most, to help and talk to people. I plan on also taking HDFS as a minor because I really enjoy the classes and it also deals with helping people. It seems ideal for me to become a doctor since I like to help people but to become a doctor you have to take too many sciences that I'm not fond of. I don't enjoy science that much to make it a part of my everyday life

            I chose to take Science 200 because aside from being a helpful, talkative person I am also a thinker. I love to think of things others may not think of such as do aliens exist, I believe aliens do in fact exist by the way.  I'm weird in my own little way. I like to make up new words and new dances that hopefully people catch on too. I feel like this class is weird like I am and hopefully it will help me to think outside of the box more than I already do.

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LOL!! I like how you just blamed the professor, should have used to get a review on how he teaches class. Also, I was the same way. I entered an upward bound program where I did science projects there and I loved it, but sometimes science does get a little annoying.

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