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Hey readers! Instead of boring you with a typical introduction of my name, hometown, basic interests, etc., I figured I would tell you something about myself that I think is more interesting. So here it goes...

Hi, I'm Evan Hayowyk and my name is completely unique. Out of the approximately 7.2 billion people on this planet, my family members are the only ones with the last name Hayowyk. Broken down even further, I am 1 of only 5 living Hayowyk men in the world and none of the others share my first name. So, in other words, I am the only Evan Hayowyk you will ever meet or not meet. Want to know how I know this? No? Great, because I don't feel like explaining my whole family history in an initial blog post for SC 200.

So why'd I take this class anyway? For the same reason I ask then answer my own questions in my blog post...I like sounding intelligent. I actually first learned about SC 200 while reading an article in Onward State awhile back about the best Gen Eds at Penn State. The course was described as a "thinking-based class rather than a formula plugging class with a "professor [that] has an awesome accent". That was enough to spark my interest. I've always enjoyed classes centered around critical thinking a lot more that those in which you have to rely on the memorization of facts. That's why SC 200 seems to be the perfect class for me. It's so unlike the other boring, question-answer type science classes that I've taken in the past that I actually find it intellectually stimulating. 

Even so, I'm not going to be a Science major. Business has been my favorite subject ever since I took my first intro class in high school so I plan on going into Finance. However, even business involves science, so I know that what I take from this class will still be applicable in my future career.

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Haha you seem like a pretty funny kid and it's awesome you're the only person in the world with the name Evan Hayowyk. I can't say anything quit as exciting, however, I am the only white female (known) to have ever stepped foot in a remote fishing village in Malawi, Africa called Nsambi. It's off the coast of Lake Malawi right on the border of Mozambique. I traveled there this past summer, so I guess that's pretty cool...

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