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Hello, my name is Nick Bretz.  I'm a Junior majoring in Criminology Legal Studies looking to be a State Trooper when I achieve my bachelor's degree.  I have many interests mainly in the arts and athletics. To name a few I enjoy BMX, skateboarding, playing guitar, reading, and playing sports.  Fitness plays a big role in my life, and I'm constantly looking for ways to expand my athletic abilities.  This past summer I took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the first time at HGBJJ, which was an exciting and unique experience that I am looking to pursue further.


I've chosen this course simply to fulfill my general education credits for natural sciences.  However, after the first few days of class, I've gained interest in the material and I'm looking forward to the next class.  I chose to major in Criminology as opposed to Science because serving my community and making sure society runs smoothly is what I've found to be my passion. 


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Hi Nick! I'm a Crime, Law, and Justice major too, except I decided to do the pre-forensic science option. Since you're into Jiu-Jitsu I just wanted to say that I recently joined the Korean Karate club, which you can check out here

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