Initial Blog Post: The science behind a non-science major

Hey guys, I'm Liz: a sophomore from Central New Jersey. I am intending to double major in Business Management and Broadcast Journalism. My ultimate goal is to produce the news, or work as an international correspondent for a non-corrupt prime time media network. I am an avid sports fan, with a particular love for hockey (GO DEVS). I like to think I'm a well-rounded student and eager to learn, yet science has always been one of the subjects to deter my interest in school. 
     I was introduced to this class by a friend who had previously taken it, and I'm really glad I took her advice. I mildly enjoyed chemistry, hated biology, and despised physics completely. I think having knowledge that is applicable to my everyday life will actually help me in the long run, rather than learning the basics of photosynthesis and statics. However, I love the show Mythbusters which is pretty science-y, and I do enjoy watching Walter White cook meth on Breaking Bad, but I figured those two things probably won't get me through four years of core science classes, thus I settled upon my majors listed above. 
Here is an awesome video compilation of the Mythbusters' best explosions


I love those chemistry memes! It's funny because everyone will keep changing them until ultimately... they become this: meme. My boyfriend is from central NJ as well! I visit him in Hightstown sometimes.

Hi Liz! I also had trouble with some of the sciences in high school. Thank god this class is nothing like physics. Mythbusters is a great show. Http:// This is a link to watch full episodes online!

Thanks for the link! Haha, physics was definitely the worst. Good luck this semester.

Yeah the memes are really funny, even for people who don't study science. And I LOVE Dwight. Hahah that was great.

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