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Hey Everyone! My name is Jake Manchester, and I'm currently a sophomore here at our beloved Penn State. I'm currently enrolled within the Smeal College of Business, where I hope to be accepted into either the marketing or accounting program following this school year. Unfortunately for me, however, it seems as though my mind is going to wait until the very last moment to decide between the two. Just when I begin to think that I've settled upon one or the other, something comes along and completely changes how I feel..

But I digress.

Science, for me, is kind of a double-edged sword. From the earliest parts of my childhood, I had always wanted to be a marine biologist...not a fireman, not an astronaut, but a marine biologist...I think my family had me watching Steve Irwin too much as a kid. I never had any problems with science classes when I was growing up; biology and your basic sciences were a breeze. Then along came chemistry...and then physics...having perhaps the two hardest courses offered in my high school back-to-back was a death wish to anyone who wasn't a hardcore science geek (for lack of a better word). Needless to say that after that experience, I shifted away from the sciences pretty quickly. Heck, I didn't even take a course that was remotely science-related my senior year! Science still fascinates me to this very day, though, and I love learning about how science touches every aspect of our lives. I'm really excited for this class, and can't wait to get into some of the awesome material that Andrew has for us.

Outside of school, I'm an avid golfer and music enthusiast with an ear for everything from George Jones to Skrillex. I'm pretty active on Twitter, so give me a follow if you want!

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1 Comment

Great meme use. I share your hatred for science that incorporates math (chemistry/physics) as well. Hopefully this course doesn't include much of that. I'm a music lover and avid golfer as well. You just earned yourself a Twitter follower. Have you seen this video of golf stereotypes? It's pretty funny.

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