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Above: Aluminum Precipitation, Phillipsburg PA. April 2013

I probably have a different perspective on this course since I'm a entering my fifth year as an undergraduate photography student, and am therefore in my final semester as opposed to my first. The decision to take this course came after late dropping two other entry-level science classes, including Biological Anthropology and a web class on Energy, leaving me with a remaining Gen-ed requirement to fulfill.

Despite my aversion to science, I have encountered scientific practices in a sort of indirect way within my own discipline. Although I am first and foremost a photographer (my work can be seen here, here, or here), I have found opportunities to deal with scientific issues in a visual manner. 

The above image, for example, was my way of depicting water pollution in central PA water. During a field trip into Central PA for Katarin Parizek's Environmental Photography class, we encountered a severely polluted stream that was almost opaque because of this white precipitation. My professor stated that it was a result of the combination of acid mine drainage and aluminum content in the waters, but the details are unclear and I'll have to devote a different blog post to the subject. 

The idea of directly majoring in a science was never really an option for me, mostly out of sheer lack of interest. However, there are some points of my own life in which scientific knowledge does help my understanding of things. I'm simply taking this class to try to approach these isolated problems with more of a scientific mentality as opposed to a purely artistic one.

1 Comment

Your photography is great and I'm sure you will succeed in whatever direction you take with that talent! Your post stood out to me because it seems as though you genuinely want to understand science- unlike the most of us who loathe it haha. But your take on this course really inspired me to have an open mind! Here's a link to one of my friend's photography pages for you to check out if you'd like!

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