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Sup guys, my name is Aren and this is the best way to spell "Aaron."  I am currently a Freshman here at PSU and am majoring in Undecided. Yay!  Often people ask "Well, what do you think you want to be?"  I tell them I don't know but I CAN tell you that I don't want to be a science major.  And thus why I am here in SC 200!  I decided to not be a science major because most of my high school career consisted of me struggling in every science I took. Whether it was bio, chem, or physics.

This was essentially me throughout high school sciences.

I will admit I do like things that involve space.  Just thinking about how big space is and how much could be out there is fascinating.  We are just a rock floating around in space.  But with space comes physics and with physics comes.. physics.

If anyone read this far here's a reward with the best radio station ever, Radio 104.5.


I too had trouble with science in High School and when I saw your picture I just laughed. Your not the only one who feels this way about these subject especially physics and this about sums up my view of physics ( not figure out how to make a live link in a comment.

here the live Link

I'll admit that I saw the Beauty and the Beast picture and decided to comment. However, I also completely agree with you that physics should be avoided at all costs. It would be interesting to see if you could take a minor in astrology and avoid the worst of the main science classes. I'm not entirely sure if that would be possible. If not, you can always just enjoy the sky

Hey Aren! I love the picture, every time I see it it makes me laugh. I think space is an awesome topic and that radio station is pretty enjoyable to listen to. This would be a good website that I think you would enjoy :

Here's the link by the way. It didn't work before.

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