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                Hi everybody! My name is Andrea, and this is my second year at Penn State. I am not exactly a "townie" but I have lived pretty close to Penn State my whole life so it became my dream to come here. After a year of exploring different majors, I finally settled for Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management in the college of Health and Human Development.

                I am taking this course because I am really bad at science. I take tests in non-science courses, where I barely study and getting A's but use all my study time for advanced science classes that are not even required in my major and I fail. I am here because this class was recommended to me by my old adviser because she realized I was not a fan of science. Also like everyone, I need my General Education and if I can have a less stressful course than I am definitely going to take it! I am a very creative person and I would take writing blog post over taking a test on information that I think I know but actually do not.

I am not a science major because I personally see it as a lot of work and pointless to my life. I respect the people who can tolerate it and not to generalize but a lot of the things I look for in life are usually not what science majors want in life. I am sure a good number of them find studying sciences is more important than the way I think leisure activities are important. In reality it is all very important but certain people prefer different things. I enjoy studying leisure activities and hate studying sciences and there are people who enjoy studying science that hate studying things that seem pointless to them.

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