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For the majority of my life, I knew what I wanted to pursue as a career. I wanted to be crunching numbers and making "bank" as a rich, good looking business man. To this day I still have that mentality. Like everyone else, I took the required science credits during high school and thought that it was absolutely awful. I did not want to learn about bugs, cells, planets, animals, etc. I basically thought that scientists were a bit nerdy. I also heard that at Penn State, the courses that went along with the science majors were extremely difficult. That is actually the main reason I decided to be a finance major. Although the topics were a little bland for me, I still had tremendous respect for the people that decided they wanted to be involved in science. The reason that I took this course was because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and learn about different topics in the world. So far, I have not regretted my decision because the lectures have been very interesting. That being said I am still happy that I decided to pursue a finance career because The Smeal College of Business is an amazing program and I am looking forward to making tons of money. I recommend visiting the Smeal website for any additional information or questions. smeal .png 


I also am not taking science classes because they are notoriously difficult! I see that you’re a finance major in Smeal and I am also in Smeal for something similar but it is actually for Actuarial Science. Here’s a great resource for connecting at Smeal with Alumni and hopefully can help you find that great job you are looking for!

Hey, I'm a finance major in Smeal too! Go figure. It seems like it's the most common major on campus. Anyway, I had a very similar experience with high school science. Trying to memorize and regurgitate facts out of a textbook was incredibly boring to me. That's probably why I liked business so much in high school. I don't know if you know about, but its by far the most helpful website when it comes to learning business topics for classes. Check it out.

Hey Tyler,
I, too, am a student in Smeal and feel quite similarly as you in a lot of what you said. I barely took the required amount of science in highschool and dreaded every day of it. Im hoping to have matured enough to broaden my horizons and accept these scientific aspects in which were about to learn rather than just business and, of course, money. I noticed you claimed that you were into making bank; Smeal is having the Kohl's case competition, you have to apply for teams but the winning team gets $5000 scholarship-- not too shabby, right? Give it a look

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