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Hello everyone!  I'm Lilliana De Ciantis and I am a sophomore pursuing an advertising degree in the College of Communications.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I have a lot of pride for my city! Yes, this means that I am a loyal Steelers, Pirates and Penguins fan...

When I visited with my adviser last year to schedule this fall's courses he highly recommended this class so I decided to take it.  Honestly, I felt a bit hesitant about enrolling in this class since I find science and math to be my weakest subjects, but after the first day I had in this course with Andrew I feel much more confident!  The course no longer seemed as intimidating.  No equations or mathematics seem to involved.  The math part of science is the scariest to me; I have never felt comfortable in any class involving math.  After reading over the syllabus and getting an idea for what this class will be like, it does not seem as scary. My adviser was a big reason that I joined this course, plus I also needed the credits so it just seemed like the smart move to make for me.

I am not planning to be a Science major because I feel as though it requires a lot of math, which I am not drawn to.  In high school I was more interested in writing and humanity courses as opposed to the sciences.  Chemistry really made me dislike science.  I did not do well in the subject and I found it to be extremely daunting.  Since then I decided that science was not my strong suit and I have feared the subject ever since.  I did enjoy another science class before I graduated high school (environmental science) but I never liked it enough to want to pursue it or study it in college.  I am happy that this science course appears to be different so far, I am looking forward to the rest of the semester.


Hi Lilliana! I am also from Pittsburgh and am a PR major. Since you love the city as much as I do I figured you would want to check out where I interned this summer at WHIRL magazine.

I wrote several articles and they have a great sales team as well that you might be interested in!

Hey lilliana! I couldn't agree more about being hesitant enrolling in this class as I'm sure most of us were because none of us are science majors or we wouldn't be in this class. I also agree that after the first class most of my worries disappeared because of how cool of a teacher andrew seems to be! Check out his ratings on rate my professor. Looks like we were all worried about nothing.

Hey Lilly!! I feel the same way i was nervous when my adviser said to take this class the word science with a number like 200 following it really scared me but so far so good. Everything we have been learning about really intrigues me and I am anxious to learn more. Im glad we have a professor like Andrew who thinks outside of the box

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