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Hello!  My name is Hunter Anderson and I'm a sophomore majoring in Public Relations.  I'm from Northern Virginia, about 20 minutes outside of DC.

When I was scheduling classes this past semester, I was looking for a science course that didn't seem too challenging but still somewhat interesting.  I read the description for SC 200 and was delighted to find out that it's meant for non-science majors just like myself.  Also, it seemed like the topics discussed would be quite relevant to my life--and who doesn't like a good controversy?  I looked up the professor on and he had pretty positive reviews, so I was convinced it would be a decent course.

I'm not planning to be a science major simply because I've never been very good at or had much interest in math or science.  There are a number of reasons for this... First of all, English and writing have always come pretty naturally to me while I've found subjects like science and math rather dull and challenging for the most part.  Having a history of terrible teachers in these two subjects for as a long as I can remember probably doesn't help anything, either.  As a result, English and writing are much more my "thing."

Also, I love to travel, so I'll leave you with this amazing photo of a European side street:


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That's a really cool picture. Was it taken in France by any chance? I traveled to France last summer, and that looks very similar to a lot of what I've seen. Also, I can relate to your feeling that English comes "naturally" and I agree with some of the reasons behind it having to do with teachers.

Anyway, here's a link to reddit's r/science subreddit that I attached to my first blog post. Some interesting stuff:

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