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Hey everyone!

My name is Anushi and I am so excited to be taking this class. I'm a sophomore and I'm a Smeal student intending to major in business management.  I'm from central New Jersey (although everyone who is not from New Jersey thinks there is no such thing as "central" Jersey, it's real).  I've lived there my entire life and I love being about 40 minutes away from both the Jersey Shore and New York City.
Ever since middle school I've surprisingly loved science.  I actually love almost everything about it.  And in high school, I always took honors courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Despite my interest and enjoyment in the science field I have not yet found a career path that relates to science and would interest me. 

I have two main goals for this class.  The first is to see if I can potentially have a career in science or perhaps use my business major towards a science field.  The second, and perhaps more important, is to figure out how I can get myself one of these...

minion.jpg I could watch them do this....

1 Comment

I love your comment about wanting a minion because I actually love despicable me! This is probably my favorite part of the first movie- I'm also so jealous of where you live! The beach and NYC are probably my two favorite places and you live relatively close to both, I have a pretty far drive when I want to visit either.

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