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Hey everyone! 

 My name is Amanda. I am from PittsburghPennsylvania. It is about two and half hours away from state college.  I went to a football game here last year, and it was awesome! I am a freshman, but I did summer session here at Penn State and loved it.  I never realized how easy I had it in the summer until I started my fall semester. I had so much free time in the summer since I only had to take two classes.  I have an older sister that also goes here, and many of my friends from high school also are at Penn State. I could not picture myself anywhere else but state college. I'm majoring in communications; I'm thinking I want to become an advertiser. Like everyone else, I absolutely hate science.  Science was my biggest struggle throughout high school.  I took bio, physics, and chemistry in high school.  I hated all those classes and especially when I was forced to learn formulas and equations. For this reason, I knew I never could be in a science major.  I just do not find science interesting.  I am taking this course mainly because I had to take some sort of science class.  After trying to decide which one, I saw that this class was for non-science majors and thought this class would be best.  Within the last few days, I realized that I might actually be interested in the topic discussed in this class. I am excited to see how it goes!

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I felt the same exact way about summer. I always hated the work in the summer and now realize how easy it actually was compared to having so many more classes to have at once!

I think you're Alyssa's sister right?! She lived on my floor freshman year and we're still great friends! I hope you have a great first year!

Yes, I am Alyssa sister and thank you!!

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