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Hello everyone, I am Tim Behan in my sophomore year here at Penn State.  I'm from Freehold, New Jersey and am majoring is Broadcast Journalism.  I love sports and it has always been my dream to have a career in sports broadcasting.  Hockey would be my preference because I played since I could walk and it is my passion.  I am involved with PSU's ComRadio, a student run web based radio station which delivers both news and sports coverage through talk show's and live play-by-play of Penn State sports.  You can listen on the internet by clicking the link or on your phone using the Tune In app and searching comradio.

I took this class to fulfill the science gen-ed requirement after taking astronomy last year.  As others have already said, I too never had heavy interest in science throughout my life.  It was fine until things became difficult and that led to more disinterest.  I have a tendency to not remember things that don't interest me, as I'm sure some can relate.  My adviser recommended this course as an interesting one that was a good fit for the non-science majors.  I like how this course looks at an open field of topics that can relate to science.  I am eager to see what ideas we all will come up with to share.  I look forward to this semester and I guess this whole blog thing means we will be getting to know each other better.

Here is what I'm most excited for this year:


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I'm a broadcast journalism major too, and a huge hockey fan. That's really cool that you're involved with ComRadio. I've never heard about it, but I'll be sure to check it out!

This is one of my favorite hockey websites, it has stats and videos of some of the most legendary NHL fights.

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