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Heeeey!! SC200!!

My name is Dalila Lewis and I am a sophomore here at Penn State. I am enrolled in the College of Communications majoring in Broadcast Journalism and a possible business minor. I am from the City of Brotherly Love!! Yes, Philadelphia, PA. For those who would like to visit Philly and don't know where to start, here a link to help you plan your trip: Philadelphia and the Countryside. So I suggest all those who haven't been to Philly, go and visit. As I furthered my education here at Penn State, I didn't expect it to be a lot different from living in Philly. I knew Penn State was a big campus and living there I'll feel small, but Philly, to me is sort of like Penn State. We're a huge city, we love our sports hard, and we love to party.






I am taking this course because 1). I heard one of the best teachers teach this course and he is awesome. His name is Andrew Read and if you don't know who I am talking about read his blogs, Andrew Read, and check him out on Rate my Professor. 2). I am taking this course because I have a lot of unanswered/ curious questions. Whether aliens do exist, how long will it be until the countries separate from each other, and because of global warming will winter still be considered a season even though the days will shorten? I feel I can get most of my questions answered in class as we move on with the material.


I find it completely funny that I am not studying science. As sad as it seems I LOVED science in middle and high school. Then I took AP Physics and that was the worst AP class I have ever taken, and because of that I strayed away from science. although there doesn't go a day where I think that I can study science, I guess I am just scared. Science is a lot to take on and I feel as though if I major or minor in it, it will take a lot of my time up. hey, who knows, maybe I'll stray back to science in some sort of way. time will only tell.




Hi! I too am in the College of Communications, but I am a Public Relations major, and I am considering a business minor as well. I am also considering a certificate in Sports Journalism! Maybe this would be something you would be interested in as well. On another note, I really enjoyed AP Physics in high school and considered majoring in Physics or Chemistry!

Yo! I am also from Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia to be exact, where I attended Father Judge High School! I also used to enjoy science and would definitely agree that Physics was a major turn off, however I believe that this class will be much better and look forward to seeing you around class!

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