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Hello all!

            My name is Laura Smith and I am currently a sophomore here at The Pennsylvania State University. I am an avid equestrian and the hospitality chair for the club equestrian team at PSU, (Ride on State!). I have rode horses since the second grade and am know as that "horse girl". To learn more about my love for these four legged beasts check out my barn's website that is located in West Chester, PA at Oakbourne Equestrian Center LLC.

            The reason I am enrolled in this course is honestly because my advisor, of all people, told me it was an easy A. After going to class and learning it was about critical thinking and included writing assignments I was officially a fan of the course. Like many of you I assume; I am a horrible student when it comes to science exams. Last year I tested my luck though and was enrolled as a veterinary major. Needless to say this was an epic fail. I late dropped Chem 110 after bombing two exams and calling my mom in tears because I felt nauseous. This chemistry course is known around campus as a "weed out" class and I was one of those picked weeds from the garden of Chem 110.

            My poor performance in chemistry is also the exact reason as to why I am not a science major. After realizing that just because I love animals did not mean I had to work with them I rethought my options. I questioned myself, "what academic areas am I talented in?" and "What do I enjoy?". I thought about myself for a while and realized I love people, talking, and writing; so why not Public Relations? Then I went to the college of communications and with a press of a button from my advisor now I because a PR major. 


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I feel the exact same way about science and animals! I have always had a love for animals and my dream was to be a vet. After struggling in science all four years of high school i also decided that just because i love animals does not mean that a science major is the best options for me. Im glad someone else changed their mind about it too and it all worked out!

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