I wish I could choose a new accent to talk in every day. I'd probably choose a british one a lot more than the others.


Having travelled to quite a few places all over the world, I have always been intrigued by different accents. Once in a while I come across people with a certain accent and say to myself, "If I had that accent, I would probably never stop talking." Until now, this is the most I had ever really thought about accents. 

         Now, that I have the chance to research and write about anything I please it's no surprise that the topic I want to extend my knowledge on is- accents.

         In simple words, an accent is just basically the way we speak. The language could be the same but the way in which we pronounce certain words or even individual letters could vary a lot and therefore make a sentence sound completely different.

         In an article produced by the Linguistic Society Of America titled, "Why do some people have an accent?" it rightly states, "You notice it (an accent) because it's different from the way you speak. In reality, everybody has an accent - in somebody else's opinion"

         According to an article titled The Science of Accents, it's not just humans that have different accents, "Goats say bahhhh with different accents, depending on where they live. Gibbons sing different songs, depending on which groups they're raised in. There are even researchers who specialize in pigeon accents."

         Sometimes we don't really hear the difference in accents or realize how many different accents there are out there. This Youtube video by Amy Walker shows 21 different accents in 2 minutes and I thought it would help in seeing how different people all over the world speak so uniquely!

         It's not only internationally that people have different accents, in America itself there are so many different regional accents, when an accent is regional it is known as a dialect. The picture below helps us see the varying dialects in America.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Accent of America.jpg 



I agree that it would definitely be awesome if we could pick our own accents! I think I would choose an Australian one personally. Its always interesting to walk up to someone that seems just like you until they begin to speak and have a different accent. Its always intrigued me why people from different places speak in different ways. Even though I am from PA, people always ask me where I'm from because I guess I say stuff differently but I can't even notice. That video is really cool too!

SInce I'm from a different country I find accents interesting. What's even more interesting to me is the fact that I lived 8 years in a different country and I don't have the slightest bit of an accent. This makes me think of an interesting topic because my mom lived in Brazil much longer than I did and she has a very noticeable accent. I think this is because kids can absorb things much better than older people. Whats also weird about my situation is the fact that I can no longer speak Portuguese, my native language. Kid's are most susceptible, for lack of better words, to learning more, but also to forgetting more in a short period of time.

I've always been intrigued by accents and the way people speak as well! This post got me thinking about when I speak Spanish, I think I am speaking with an English accent, and Spanish speakers recognize that I'm speaking with an English accent. But in reality it is nearsighted to group dozens of regional accents into the umbrella term "English". I'm from Philadelphia and I know that I pronounce many words differently than an English speaker from anywhere else in the country. In fact, the very meanings of many English words vary depending on where in the world you were raised. Taking it a level further, no individual speaks exactly alike because our voices are unique.

I remember in high school, my sophomore year French teacher tried convincing us that animals make different sounds in different parts of the world. He convinced us for over an hour and then at the end said it's the way people from that part of the world interpret the way they speak. I'm extremely gullible so I remember him being like, "Dogs in France sounds like woo-uff" and I fell for it so badly. I think accents are so incredible. My best friend is from Australia, but she's lived in America for so long that she has almost completely lost her accent. People don't believe her when she says she's from there because now she has such a strong New York accent.

It is truly amazing to listen to people who are all speaking the same language but sound so different when they do so. I can even notice my own accent after living on the West coast for the first half of my life and then moving the Pennsylvania. It is truly interesting when you can notice yourself taking in an accent that sounds strange to you.

I've always been fascinated by accents and have a soft spot in my heart for British accents; not to mention I can do a killer impression that actually sounds legitimate. I couldn't imagine how cool it would be if we got to pick our own. Accents, to me, represent just how unique our world is; everyone with them has a story, a different background and something so special that represents where they are from. One thing that I find interesting is whether or not people who are bilingual can keep an accent for each of the languages they speak. This article from psychologytoday.com explains the different factors that go into that. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/life-bilingual/201301/retaining-accent

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