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I feel like I need to first point out that with certain things I can be kind of a germaphob. Not that being one has helped me in anyway in life since I am pretty sure I get more sick than anyone else I know, but still I cannot help it. Now I am not that bad.. I just have random gerophobic tendencies.

So why the intro? Basically to explain why maybe I have been the only one to notice this. I sort of like to think of a topic and write my opinion before I research it (just to not get biased). 

I am a sophomore living off campus in an apartment for the first time. I am beginning to think now that I am living on my own that I was a little spoiled while living at home and in a dorm, but my roommates and I are definitely making it work! We cook meals, legit meals. But with cooking comes with cleaning.. 

Picture the sink with all your dirty dishes to clean and what do you grab for? The sponge. That gross, dried up or wet, food stuck to it, sponge. As you can tell I find it gross. I have always thought that sponges were gross and never imagines actually using it myself to clean dish-ware. Now being in my own kitchen I realize that it is not realistic to clean everything in a dishwasher somethings are used too much to not clean them by hand (example: spatula). We have a sponge but as an alternative I use this scrubber we also have, but are these clean? I believe that they have to be so bacteria covered and just making everything just dirtier.


So I am ready to find the truth. 

The truth of the sponge:

According to a blog posted about a book called Organic Housekeeping the sponge may be worse than I thought. The blog post is entitled "The Dirty Truth: Get Rid of Your Kitchen Sponge" and goes through the findings of Ellen Sandbeck, the author of the book. The blog writes about how the book did a study taking kitchen sponges from different kitchens in the US and testing them finding that bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus live in the sponges. These are very dangerous bacterias. Apparently, the sponge is the perfect place for bacteria to live. (Great right..) Why are they the perfect place for bacteria? It seems to say that the sponge keeps the bacteria plenty fed, and the moister keeps the bacteria alive. 

If you're thinking I chose an article only because it agreed with what my opinion on sponges are let's look at another:

According to an article on WebMD "Germs in the Kitchen" it says the kitchen can be more dirty and harmful to your family than a bathroom. But it does give a solution/safety precautions that is something I am definitely going to put into practice. 

Always make sure that in between uses the sponge must be dry. The bacteria strives on moistness and "one single bacteria cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours". So by leaving that sponge in the sink and keeping it wet it just means the bacteria is multiplying. Dry that sponge!

So...the next question is should I just go and throw out my sponge now?

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I was literally gagging reading this article, mainly because I can relate with you when it comes to being a germaphobe. This is also my first year living in an apartment and I have to share it with 4 other girls. One of my roommates is messy and tends to not clean up after herself, so I find no comfort in my apartment. The other day, one of my roommates found her cleaning her chin with one of the kitchen sponges. Yes, you read that right. SCRUBBING HER CHIN WITH A KITCHEN SPONGE. I nearly vomitted when she told me. How can one be so oblivious to how filthy a sponge is?! I did not realize that E.coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus could live in sponges and that fact makes me want to burn down my kitchen. It's crazy with how little we are aware of these deadly bacteria!

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