I (don't) Love Science!

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My name is Sierra, and I'm a sophomore. I'm from New Hampshire, which is an eight hour drive away. The distance is definitely worth it though. I chose Penn State because it has everything I want for my college experience: big sports, academics and a lot of school spirit. 

As for science, it's kind of a funny story. I hate it. I don't like equations or formulas or dissecting things. I had to dissect a shark once in high school, and well, it still gives me chills. As expected, my major is nothing near science. It's journalism. I'm taking this class because it's a requirement for my major, and the key words "for non-science majors" really caught my eye. 

So far, I have to admit that this class interests me. I think the lecture topics are funny and intriguing. There is a chance this could be the first science class I like (gasp). 

Ultimately, I'd like to write about animals for the "National Geographic Kids" magazine. Since I was in elementary school, I loved this magazine, and I often go to the website for cool animal facts. Here's a link to the website. There is definitely a lot of science-related information there! (Maybe I do like science...)

PS: This is me with one of my dogs, Bentley!! 



1 Comment

I'm a journalism major too! And funny enough, I also dream of working for National Geographic. I am more interested in photographing and writing for their travel magazine. How great would it be to get paid to travel the world? http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/traveler-magazine/

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