How to Wake Up in the Morning. The Healthier Way.

Wanna wake up in the morning without gulping down another Starbucks coffee?  (No offense on Starbucks).  Try eating an apple!  Back in my highschool days I would always start my days with an apple and yogurt.  This was all I needed in the morning to get me up and moving once I was.  But why would I choose a lousy apple over my sweet sweet coffee?  Apples are first off totally healthy for you because it's a fruit.  And fruits are good for you. On a more technical side though, apples contain fructose which is a natural sugar that will help get you up.  What is even better is that it moves slowly through your body so that once you're up you'll stay up.  The other benefit that you often hear on lame commercials is that there is no crash!  But really.. there isn't.. cause it's a fruit.  Oh and it's a good source for fiber! Try Apples!   For even more of a breakdown try this!


I think this blog is really interesting, and it really does go hand in hand with college kids. So many students wake up and immediately go towards coffee, when in actuality it would be much better for their health if they picked up a piece of fruit! I don't drink coffee, but so I completely agree with your point in this blog!

I've tried this, and it really works! Honestly, I'm addicted to my morning coffee, but I have a friend who can't drink caffeine due to medical reasons, and we both tried substituting tea and coffee with apples. Here you can find a few other substitutes for caffeine.

I never have time to eat breakfast because I have PT in the morning then an 8 am right after. But after reading the facts about apples I might have to go buy some and use them to snack on throughout the day! I didn't want to be a coffee drinker in college just for energy so I feel content that there are other non-caffeine ways to get energy
Thanks a lot!
Check out the Anatomy of a Coffe Addict

This is absolutely true! I love apples and am always eating them. Knowing they help me wake up is great because I'm the worst morning person and could always use a pick me up! This website basically lists the same benefits you mentioned but more in depth!

I always eat an apple in the morning and before I workout :) They are an excellent source of energy. Try these other awesome Energy Boosting Foods !!

It could be interesting to write about how the body deals with natural sugar vs processed sugar.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be satisfied with an apple instead of a coffee. However, it would be interesting to see how different kinds of sugars affect your body and if there is anything else that could make you feel as awake as with coffee. I'm more on board with this article that claims dark chocolate will wake you up!

An apple a day keeps the sleepiness away! I think that this article was informative, but while I think an apple might be a better alternative to Starbucks, is it really the best way to go? I found an article that talks about the unhealthy effects that sugar can have on the body, even if it is natural.

I've never really thought about eating an apple for breakfast--I consider it to be more of a lunch item--but I had no idea it had the ability to wake you up. I'm guilty of drinking Starbucks nearly every day, which definitely is not the healthiest way to get energized... I think that any natural alternative is the best way to go, in most cases. However, this article suggests that coffee is a healthy option:

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