How Much Makeup is Too Much?


From a young age we all loved the excitement of getting dressed up. I don't know about you guys but as a child I loved playing dress up and trying on my mother's clothes and shoes. I would even take my mother's scarves and try to create an outfit out of them.  makeup-little-girl-27942554.jpgThose were the good days but as we progress on to the real world and age a little bit our attention sways on to something a little more mature, Makeup. Makeup has revolutionized our world as we know it! It can transform you from Plain Jane to a runway model but how much makeup is enough?

            Have you ever heard the myth about how wearing makeup too early will have a negative effect on you as you age? Is this really a myth? Studies posted on illustrate that makeup can be damaging for the skin. They also said that lipstick contains lead and that too much of it could cause cancer. MedRanks even gave us a tip on how to detect lead in our lipstick "Take some lipstick n your hand and rub it with a gold product like ring. If you notice the color of lipstick is changing to black, be sure that you have got the lipstick containing lead which cause cancer."

            The occasional eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara is fine but when you start to get deep into make up with foundation and concealer you're causing a problem for yourself. Having too much stuff on your face starts to do the exact opposite of what you want it to do when you apply it; it actually starts to take away from your beauty rather than enhance it. Kay Uzoma stated on that in some cases "a foundation or powder may dry out your skin and make it look flaky, dull and ashen". I love makeup but ladies we have to be more cautious and think about how much make up we actually need.



Most negative side effects from makeup can be prevented simply by having a good makeup routine. A lot of it's just common sense, like removing makeup thoroughly before going to sleep, keeping skin clean, and making sure the makeup doesn't include any harmful substances (like lead). This article outlines some of it:
I'm a heavy makeup wearer myself; I virtually never go out in public without it and haven't for the past 5-6 years, and I've never had the slightest problem. Similarly, I know a lot of Goths who've been wearing full makeup since they were teenagers and still have great skin and look young in their 40s. For all that makeup can get a bad rap, there's a lot to be said for just being sensible and knowing what's in your makeup.

Yes, I would agree that makeup is bad for you and your skin, it's a bunch of chemicals, of course it will somewhat damage your skin, but it's fine as long as you wash it off when you go to bed or at home (don't need that makeup anymore).

As a girl, also known as a "makeup-user," I find it hard to believe that all my life, no one has actually warned me about the dangers of makeup. However, after a little research on specifically why it's bad for you, I've come to a personal decision that it's not all that dangerous. Very easy things such as paying attention to expiration dates, chemicals in the ingredients, and simply washing it off your face(as mentioned above) can almost exclude you from the potential dangers. But with all that said, makeup isn't a necessity so why put ourselves at risk at all?

I find this article actually funny. When I was little my mom would tell me not to put her makeup on because it was not good for me. Looking back I never even asked why I just said yea yea whatever. But I do agree now that makeup can be bad. Not only for your skin, but people start to use to to coverup who they actually are. Makeup can completely change a person, and why would anyone want that? I found this video and it shows how much a person can change from makeup.
It is weird to think that something so trivial such as makeup, can have a negative affect on a person and their skin.

When you think about it, make up would probably be bad for you skin if you were to put it in. Because it is like you said, when you get deep into it you are putting chemicals on your face to make you look better, but looking good can come at a price. This article is a good read about what make up can do to you if you go over board: .

This post, in my opinion, is very true! I do wear makeup, but I never understood why some many women would coat their face entirely with it. It does take away from the natural beauty. It makes them look fake. Also, I have found from my own experience that when I would wear foundation it would cause my skin to break out. It wouldn't allow my skin to breathe. For this reason, I believe that makeup is bad for your skin. According to this article, the chemicals in makeup causes acne because it blocks your pores. If you want some helpful tips on makeup and how to help your skin then feel free to check out this website below.

Wearing too much makeup is never a great thing. Not only does it clog your pores, but a lot of products do make your face break out because you aren't supplying enough oxygen to it! This article, points to the affects of too much makeup on your skin. It also gives a solution to wear "products that are labeled hypoallergenic (they're less likely to cause allergic reactions), noncomedogenic (they won't block pores) and nonacnegenic (they won't cause acne), although none of those terms are necessarily regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration". These are great guidelines to follow whether your face breaks out or not from the products -just for safe measures. As of now, no experiments have been done to totally prove that these are the causes but it would be worthy to just avoid products that aren't mineral based or labeled hypoallergenic.

I think this article shares some great tips for girls our age! Even walking around campus, I notice the excessive amount of makeup that girls are wearing. It's not necessary for girls our age to be wearing pounds of makeup on our skin. It's damaging our skin for the long run. I do wear make up, but I also care a lot about taking care of my skin. Here is a great article about how to clean your skin after wearing makeup

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