How Caffeine Works

While enjoying my morning cup of coffee, a thought popped into my head, which is strange at seven o'clock.  How exactly does caffeine stimulate the brain? I decided to research this topic.  Trimethylxanthine, commonly known as caffeine, is a natural chemical which is similar in nature to cocaine as well as some amphetamines.  The substance itself is a white powder in it's pure form.  
Caffeine works by preventing the adenosine receptors in the body from working.  These receptors are responsible for slowing down cells in the body.  When the trimethylxanthine attaches itself to the adenosine, the adenosine is not longer able to slow down other cells.  As a result, your hear rate and blood pressure go up upon the intake of caffeine.  If high exposure to caffeine continues over time, you will become accustomed to your adenosine receptors not working, so when you do not have caffeine in your system, you will become sensitive to the effects of adenosine and it will seriously slow down the function of your cells, causing insufficient blood to be pumped through your body and particularly into your brain, which will lead to headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.


Wow this was a very interesting blog post! But after reading it I must admit I no longer want to drink as much coffee after seeing the side effects that caffeine can have on you! Who knew caffeine stimulated the brain in that way..

After reading your post I now understand why I get such awful headaches when I don't have caffeine. For the past three years I have been drinking a minimum of 3 cups per day. I also have shrunk! I'm not sure if that's related to all the coffee but maybe I'll do that for my next blog post. It's crazy to weight the pros and cons of that much caffeine.

As long as you are consuming no more 100mg of caffeine per day, or about one cup of coffee, you probably won't develop any addictions or problems. I know I myself probably consume more than this per day.

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