House M.D. - Could Hugh Laurie be our science teacher?

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If you haven't heard of Fox's television show House M.D., it is basically a scaled down soap opera following the lives of doctors throughout their personal relationships, the relationships they share with patients, and how they attempt to cure their abstract diseases. The main character, Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), plays a stuck up doctor who, ironically is addicted to Vicodin, and thinks he's better than everyone else around him. He and his team work non stop to uncover the medical mysteries of the obscure patients that are brought into the hospital. 

In my senior year of high school I took an anatomy class and actually found myself interested in learning about bones, diseases, and other science obscurities. After taking this anatomy class, I would watch re-runs of House and realize I was semi able to diagnose the patients that were being seen in the show. (I felt pretty smart knowing what they might have before Dr. House did too.) Although this is a fictional show, I was curious to see if these diseases and cases could actually happen in the real world. 

Doing some research, I learned that although most of the cases are hypothetical, the way House diagnoses his patients are in fact legitimate ways that could help cure them. In an article titled Is TV's House good medicine?, an intern, David Foster, told the Wall Street Journal that they get some of the best plot lines from The New England Journal of Medicine, "one of the great gold mines of diseases." Other plot ideas come from The Merck Manual, Harrison's Manual of Medicine, friends, and shocker... the Internet. 

Although these are mostly all promising sources, I highly doubt Hugh Laurie could teach a science class if he was put to the test. His character might be convincing on the television show, but he also has a lot of help behind the scenes.

Here is a link to one of the scenes where House and his team search for what their patient might be sick with.

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Reading your post reminded me of something I like about science. If I had to pick any kind of science to study, it would be about the processes of the human body. I really like making diagnoses because it's like logic and ruling what can or can't be. My mom is a nurse and one of the shows we watch is Untold Stories of the ER. Here is a clip of one of the shows:

It's a very interesting and entertaining show - especially when they let the real life people who the er event happened to be the actors.

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