Hi my name is___, and I'm addicted to Social Media.

When one thinks of addiction alcohol and drugs come to mind. When I think of addiction now social media is up there with those two categories. You can't go a minute without seeing someone's head buried in their smartphone or computer. The cause: social media obviously. The phenomenon of social media is stronger than ever, I believe. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are probably the most popular social media websites/apps now. I will even say that I have some addiction to these websites. I feel disconnected to my friends and the world if I don't look at twitter. According to studies done by Harvard University, putting information online about yourself uses the same part of the brain that taps into pleasure. The type of pleasure from food (my favorite kind of pleasure) getting money, or even having sex. These experiments that were conducted showed that people are more engaged about about themselves than talking about other people. And isn't that what social media is about? Sharing information to others about YOU. I don't know about you, but it seems like we are all a bunch narcissists. I mean let's even take my blog here for an example, I'm telling everyone how I feel about social media addiction. The words just seem to be flowing, because it's what I think. 
There's definitely no way of stopping this phenomenon. Social media is second nature to everyone now, and it's just imbedded into our heads now because social media is all around us. Even Obama and the Pope have a twitter. Social media is an addiction that is here to stay. 



I think people have always been obsessed with social media but with the invention of the smart phone, this addiction has just gotten worse. When computers and the internet came about people weren't as addicted as we are now since their phones were not little computers and they couldn't carry their laptop out of the door. When Apple and Steve Jobs came out with the iPhone, is when the social media craze hit us hard. Now instead of a giant computer and dial up internet you just need a tiny phone that will fit in your pocket and 3G. I definitely agree that we are obsessed with social media by the amount of iPhones being sold every year, 47.8 million sold in Apple's last quarter, and how during class students are constantly on their phones tweeting about how bored they are in class. With Apple constantly "updating" their products it's hard to wonder if this addiction will ever go away.

Hey Emily! Your blog post caught my attention because I am also addicted to social media (no shame)! Twitter especially, I feel so lost when I don't check twitter all day because I don't ever know what's going on. Looks like that makes two of us addicted to social media. I found this link that has tips for people just like us! http://blog.thoughtpick.com/2009/10/top-10-tips-to-get-rid-of-your-social-media-addiction.html

I think if people, especially in our age range, say they aren't even somewhat addicted to some sort of social media network they are lying. It seems like everyday there is a new update for Twitter or Instagram, or a completely new social media network that has everyone buzzing about. Over the summer, I took a speech class and we had to do a problem/policy speech and I did it on cyberbullying. Along with that topic, I learned all about the expansion of social media. Some of the statistics I found during my research blew my mind. Not only that, but now in classes we are using social media. In both of my classes over the summer and one of my classes now we used Twitter and Pinterest. Below I've posted a link to a picture showing how popular social networks have gotten even among older generations. Pretty soon five year olds are going to have Twitters and Facebooks. And yes, of all places, I found this picture on Pinterest, how ironic.

Addiction to social media is definitely something that our generation suffers from, but I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing. Sure, it can be a HUGE distraction during class or work, but there are so many good things that social media sites can do. For example, Facebook is such an easy way for me personally to share things with my family at home. Instead of calling each grandparent and sending them all individual pictures of things I've done, I simply post to Facebook and everyone who wants to look, can. All four of my grandparents use Facebook, as well as many of my other extended family members.
Social media can also help us in academic pursuits. I took CAS 83 when I was a LEAP student, and the entire course was based off of learning how to use social media sites to our advantage as students. We learned how to blog, we used apps such as Flickr and SCVNGR, and we even played in a virtual world called second life. A decent portion of the class was also examining how social media can be harmful to a student, mainly because of the potential distraction it can be.
So, I think our generations "addiction" to social media isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely depends on the person whether or not they will use all the technology to their advantage or their demise.

I couldn't agree more that our society is utterly indulged in social media. I always think about every time I'm riding in an elevator with a stranger and they bury themselves in their phone until the "painful" ten second ride is over. I think social media is just one big popularity contest. Whoever gets the most likes on their profile picture is deemed successful. Social media can be a positive thing, but I see too many negatives every day that I can't seem to forget. If I never saw another duck face selfie in my life, I'd die happy.

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