Hello! I'm Haley Nelson, a sophomore photojournalism major/Spanish minor and proud Californian (bay area!!) . Everyone asks me why I would leave CA for the east coast and I'll tell you it's not only because Penn State is an incredible school, but I also wanted to experience somewhere new. I love the feeling of discovery in an unfamiliar place and that's what fuels my passion for traveling too. This past summer my family and I visited Greece and everything just took my breathe away. The country has such a rich history and I loved learning and being right smack in the middle of it.kayak.jpg
As for science in general, I never really disliked it. In fact, I took an astronomy course freshman year and found it pretty interesting. It's just when it comes to chemistry and physics where there is math involved, I really can't stand it. I chose to take this course because it sounds interesting without forcing me to take out my calculator.


I am an out of stater too and I came here for the same reasons you did! So nice to have someone that understands what it is like. Also sweet link to share what your hometown is about.

First of all, I am so jealous that you are from California! I've always wanted to go there and hopefully I will be visiting soon! Also, I'm hopefully going abroad my junior year and me and friends have been throwing around ideas. Greece is up there as one of our top choices. I would love to go there and experience something new. Maybe even find me a cute Greece boyfriend like Costas in Santorini (I hope you get that Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reference)

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