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Hey fellow classmates! My name is Michele Jaroszewski and I'm a Communications major here at Penn State. Ever since I was in middle school, I had  always wanted to have the full college experience of moving away to a big school that was heavily involved in sports and academics. That's where I fell in love with Penn State. It wasn't too far from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA; but it was far enough to start fresh and meet new people.

I put my entire heart and soul into my school work to make sure I had the grades to be accepted; yet I fell short when it came to science. Science and I never had the best relationship. We were great in the beginning of every school year, than slowly fell apart. As cliche as that sounds, it was true! Once I was behind, I was never really able to pick it back up. Thus coming to the decision of wanting to study something that didn't really involve in taking any major science courses. 

The reason why I decided to join this class was because I read about it in an Onward State post. The description of the class seemed fun and interesting to me. I've always enjoyed writing, even though I don't think I'm very good at it, but I thought I could give it a shot in this class. So far I think I will enjoy the class and I'm looking forward to see what else will we be talking about!  


Hey Michele! I totally understand where you are coming from when you say that "Science and I never had the best relationship." Same goes for me! This seems like the perfect class for people like us and I hope that we get as much out of this class as we can because it seems very interesting.

I see that PSU's sports was a major draw to you choosing to come to Penn State. If interested, take a look at this website called HuddlePass.com (http://www.huddlepass.com/). I'm a managing editor for this website and there is plenty of content on there about Penn State's football team. Take a look if you want!

In my first response to your post, the link to HuddlePass wasn't live. Sorry.


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