Headaches- Why?


The past week I couldn't help but notice the amount of headaches that I'd had. It was one almost every day. I thought maybe it was due to stress or something, but I decided to look up what could have caused some of these annoyances. On WebMd, it was listed that there are 150 diagnostic headache categories. I read on this website that there are different kinds of headaches and that they are caused by a variety of things. 

The  most common kind- tension headaches- can be caused by stress, depression, anxiety, bad posture, etc. When I read this, I assumed that my problem was either my stress or bad posture because I, unfortunately, have both. 


But, I kept researching and found several other reasons that could have caused this. For example, the hangover headache(not my problem), the overtired headache, and the exercise-induced headache. It made a lot of sense to me that I could possibly have the overtired headache because I had been having trouble sleeping and these headaches might be the reason, or they may be due to the lack of sleep. 

Although I didn't figure out for sure what was causing this problem, I did find numerous things that could be attributed to them. With my new found knowledge I'm hoping that I can prevent some of these headaches in the future!

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