Headaches? Blurry Vision?

      I have really bad eye sight. In both eyes I have a prescription of -6.50. I am nearsighted so I basically have to touch my eye ball to my alarm clock to see what time it is. I noticed that when I take my contacts out for the night and put my glasses on I would experience headaches that would last until my eyes got accustomed to my glasses. I also noticed that when I walk through a doorway it would look curved. So why is this?      
      I asked my optometrist and explained the experiences that I've been having with my eyes and as it seemed like an eternity for me to go through the line of machines, she came to a conclusion. I had Astigmatism. 
       She said that my eyes are "irregular shaped" and more oval than sphere. The normal cornea curves so that the light can "bend" through my eye to the retina to see clearly. As a result to my unnatural curve of my eyes it causes "distorted vision and headaches". To help correct astigmatism I can buy "corrected lenses" to help deflect the light properly into my eyes ("What").
        You are born with Astigmatism and usually inherit it. Though no one has yet proven how the cornea develops irregular. So I'm going to give my conclusion on how I think you can help prevent it for your child.
        As a baby in the womb, the eyes start to develop during week 7 until week 26, where they actually begin to open. The eyes develop quickly and are the last of the five senses to develop, though our class now knows there are more than ten senses. When a premature baby is born, the blood vessels in the eye stop growing or leak blood which can cause scarring ("Retinopathy"). Due to the scarring it would make an eye less spherical. So scientists use light to help slow down the process of the development of blood vessels so that they can obtain the needed amount of oxygen to construct. 
       I came up with some ideas on how I think you can help with the process of the blood vessels. First off, since the the blood vessels need a ton of oxygen I figured while the mother is asleep she could have an oxygen tank connected to her. This way the mother is calm and relaxed while asleep. It will provide extra oxygen through the blood stream that will be given to the baby for the eyes. Another idea was to have the mother walk daily outside to not only receive exercise, but to allow sunlight on the stomach directly. Not an excessive amount of sunlight but 20 minutes at the maximum to help somewhat slow down the blood vessels. 
      If any of you have more ideas to help prevent Astigmatism I would love to here! Is there anyone else who has Astigmatism?

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I also have a touch of astigmatism, but nothing too terrible (my contacts just bother me greatly by the end of every day because I'm too stubborn to order the special and more expensive astigmatism lenses haha). You mentioned that a lot of cases of astigmatism occur with prematurely born babies. When this is the case, the two solutions you proposed seem viable. However, I wonder if you've heard of anything for babies born on a normal time table who still get astigmatism (for example, I was born not prematurely, but actually about two weeks late)?

That's a really great question! I haven't come across anything that related Astigmatism to late term birth though it has been found that Astigmatism can be hereditary. Also if a baby is born underweight can be another possibility to obtain Astigmatism as well.

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