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If you're a girl, at one point in your life you have probably gotten fake acrylic or gel nails, or at least thought about it. You never really think about what they can do to your nails, because it just seems simple and elegant to get them for around $30. What you don't know is how they can damage your real nails that are underneath.
This article has a lot of myths and facts relating to acrylic nails and a lot were surprising to me. First, in regards to gel nails it is really important to know what light they're drying your nails with. At most salons they are using UV light rays which can put you at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. Also, some salons feature their ingredients of the nails to be "greener or more organic," but that is not true. Those are fake claims to lore you in, but all the nail products are made with relatively the same ingredients.
I kept doing some research and according to this dermatologist  another way these type of nails can ruin your nail bed is by creating infections. If there is a crack in the nail or it starts to come up there will be moisture trapped between your nail and the fake nail and cause your real nail to become really gross. He also said that it is possible for some people to have an allergic reaction to the acrylic.
I went on to find out that Dr. Oz did some research himself about gel manicures. In his article, he claims and reached out to the Professional Beauty Association- Nail Manicures Council basically saying that in small doses getting those fake nails is ok, but to be careful about the UV light and removal of the nails (soaking your nails in acetone).glitter-gel-nail-art-1024x768.jpg


Eeeeek. Lets just say that I am relieved that I stopped getting gel manicures since I'm broke in college. I was never a fan of acrylics but I have gotten gel nails. After a gel manicure, my nails are broken, cracked and dry. Not to mention that the stuff that I soak my hands in to remove the polish burns and dries out the rest of my hand. Since UV lights are using to dry/ keep the polish on...do you think gel manicures can be compared to using tanning beds? According to this article, http://www.skincancer.org/healthy-lifestyle/tanning , tanning terrible for our bodies, espeically with UV lights. The fact that gel nails and tanning booths use UV lights...I am assuming that they're equally as harmful. Or do you think that, because our hands are in the dryers for a shorter period of time, the gel nails aren't as bad for us?

I think they are definitely comparable. When I was reading it said that there are ways to protect your skin while your nails are drying under the light. There's an easy way of wearing gloves to protect your skin and just cut out the nails. I looked around on some other websites one being ABC, http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2012/04/12/tips-to-keep-your-gel-manicure-safe/, and it had some good tips about safe ways to still get the manicure. Either way, it's a big risk to look good whether it is the UV light for the gel nails or tanning.

When I am home during the summer I honestly visit the nail salon more often than I paint my own nails. I like to treat myself and hate when my nails aren't painted and I am usually willing to pay the extra money for a gel manicure because it lasts longer. I completely agree that once you remove the gel from your hands, the nail underneath is totally damaged which is why I head back to get them done over again. It is basically like an endless cycle, just how women who get acrylic nails are constantly returning to the nail salon to get them filled. To answer Katelyn's question, based on this article: http://nypost.com/2013/03/06/doc-warns-that-popular-gel-manicure-is-a-cancer-risk/ they are comparable and the UV light used to dry a gel manicure has similar damaging effects to the skin cells in your hands. The LED lights used in a normal dryer are perfectly safe so you can stick to getting a normal manicure but I guess I should think twice about the next time I want a gel one.

I love getting my nails done, and love doing them for myself too! But when I go them them done, I would usually pay a little more and get the gel nails because if I'm just gonna get manicure, I'm wasting my money because I can paint my nails pretty well too. I love gel nails but I too have heard the UV light LED causes diseases and damages your health. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-204_162-57573145/gel-manicures-may-lead-to-nail-problems-and-potential-skin-cancer-risk-dermatologist-warns/ this video just scares me...

I loved this post because I am someone who loves to get fake nails. I recently took mine off after finding out that it is very bad for your nails. However, I do miss my nails. I figured I'd only get them put back on every once in a while. My sister had fake nails on and cracked one of them. This post describes exactly what happened to her. Her real nail got infected and eventually turned completely black and blue and gross. She had to take off her fake nails to let her natural nails breathe and heal again. Also, I have heard that the nail drying machines that nail salons have people use are bad for you and can cause cancer. I always thought this was just a myth, but your post proves it to be true. This article also states that salons are using a chemical called MMA which is very harmful, too.

This post caught my attention immediately! I have been getting my nails done for about 3-4 years now, not continuously but I've had them a lot. I got acrylics put on in May for my prom and then just recently took them off in late August because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford them in college! It took FOREVER to get them off, even with soaking them in the acetone and even now my nails are still not back to their normal healthy selves. I actually tried looking up the average time it takes for nails to get back to normal and stumbled upon ways to help them recover faster! http://voices.yahoo.com/after-acrylic-nails-removed-survival-guide-3632831.html

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