Giving Middle School Kids Condoms?


Let's all reflect to the period of time when we were all in middle school. Everyone was awkward, weird looking, and somewhere in between a kid and a teenager. We were figuring out everything about...well, everything it seems. Did we ever think about dating and having sex? Well, I guess it depends on who you are and where you grew up.

We're all young adults now, and the thought of kids this young having sex makes us shudder. But why? Is it because of our experiences or lack thereof? Or the fact that we think that kids in middle school aren't "emotionally ready" for the commitment of sex and it's effects? Well, I did some research and found the alarming number of kids as young as 12 that are sexually active.

A study in 2009 found that 12% of students surveyed had already engaged in vaginal intercourse by age 12. 4% had engaged in vaginal, oral, and anal sex. These numbers are really concerning for me, because in my opinion kids this young shouldn't even date, let alone feel pressured to have a physical relationship with someone.

So, the question remains; what can we do? How do we stop these kids from having sex so early? Well, we can't. They will find ways, as they have before. The answer is to give them education, and preventative supplies, if you will. As of now, sex education is pretty limited in schools. The fact is, parents need to become more involved with sex ed for their children. It is really awkward, and that's not a secret. But with this change in society, it is needed in order for children to protect themselves as best they can. Of course parents ideal idea of their children's sex life is for it to be non-existent, but unfortunately, that's not realistic.



12 year olds?? I can't imagine my awkward 12 year old friends doing anything but chatting on AIM and watching the Lizzie Mcguire movie. Sadly enough, I do agree with you that kids are going to find ways to have sex young no matter what. I remember my parents sitting me down and having the horrifying "birds and bees" discussion with me, but it was informative and I'm glad they cared enough to make me aware. According to an article I read here:, "teens often name parents as the biggest influence in their decisions about sex." It should be the parents job to have "the talk" with their kids, and school should be right there to aid in more education.

Karissa, These numbers are crazy to me, but definitely realistic. My question is, if parents talk to their children about sex at a very young age...does that persuade them to go out and "explore"? But if they don't talk about it and learn the facts from someone else could that maybe give them the wrong meaning and incorrect information? Where and when is the right time? Do you talk about it early or try to avoid the subject all together. What if you make a mistake? It seems like such a stressful topic, yet it shouldn't be.

I found this quote in this article. I think it speaks for itself: "Children are incredibly intelligent creatures and they pick up their cues from you and the world around them. If they see that the whole world is comfortable talking about sex and/or portraying sex, but you as the parent make it a taboo subject; they will learn very quickly to discuss their questions with others more comfortably than with you."

Im definitely with you on early education, but why do some parents continue to avoid it when its simply a part of life?

My first persuasive speech I did on Sex Education in CAS. My school pretty much acted like sex didn't exist and if it wasn't for my Mom explaining things to me I may have never known. I feel that if kids are going to do it (even that young YIKES) then we should at least make sure they are safe! I don't think it's a good idea to act like it isn't happening. But, I also don't think it's a good idea to endorse the problem either. I think the schools should be in the middle of these two extremes. Here's an article I found that weighs the pros and cons of sex ed in schools!

Also,I thought I would add in a clip that instantly makes me think of sex ed from Mean Girls.

I'm pretty sure I didn't even talk to boys when I was 12, so you can see why I am so startled by your post. There's virtually no way to stop kids from having sex, but is there a way to stop them from having it so young? I'm not sure judging my your statistics, and even my own school district at home. We had 8th graders getting pregnant the other year... I'm sure you can assume how well that went over. I never had "sex-ed" in high school or middle school, and I honestly think that is part of the problem.

Another part of the problem is that sex has become such a commonplace in the media. The media almost glamorizes it, which probably makes kids feel more "comfortable" with the topic, and therefore more willing to experiment with it.

Lastly, I think it's important for parents to speak up. I thought these tips were spot-on:

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