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I'm sure you've all heard the saying "dogs are a mans best friend", so is it true? According to one study done by Annabel Burn, a canine behaviorist, pets really do make us happy. Personally, I have always been interested in how my pets can turn my bad day upside down just by wagging their tail or rubbing up against me. In her article she explains that animals can help us escape from our every day routine because they require so much attention. I look forward to coming home to class and cuddling with my kitten, usually getting distracted from the world for a while....oops. 1.jpg
Picture From: www.designtaxi.com

The article also explains how owning a pet can actually reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels! I think it's amazing how enjoying your furry friends can actually make you healthier! It's a shame that more apartment buildings don't allow pets because I think everyone should have one to help them cope with their busy college life. Personally, I LOVEEE finals week........but only because I get to play with the cute little puppies!
But seriously....try to tell me this website doesn't melt your heart!


This post just made me miss my cat I have at home so much! And you're right, that website definitely melted my heart. I had to show my roommate because she without a doubt loves animals more than anyone I've ever met. As you mentioned above, pets actually make you feel better and if you read this article you can learn even more about the hormones that being with your pets will release. Having pets are even recommended for people who are depressed. This has been proven and there is a list of benefits that people can experience by having pets!

Hi Kaitlin...love the website! I miss my little doggie at home more than ever now. So many people miss out on the experience of having a pet, but I wish everyone had one to love and be loved!

Kaitlin, first of all, that kitten is freaking adorable. I miss my dog all the time when I'm here. Pets are the worlds greatest at cheering people up if they're feeling down. This is a website I used to go on sometimes http://www.eyebleach.me/ . "Eye bleach" is for when you see something disturbing on the internet or wherever and you need to cleanse your eyes. It's mostly kittens and puppies. My favorite ones are the "animals being bros" like this dog and elephant. http://imgur.com/a/L0xNL#LjFRNha
So cute.

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