Fruit Flies And Home Remedies


Everyone has some experience with those pesky little fruit flies that like to swarm around our kitchens, particularly near the recycle bin, trash can, and where you keep fresh fruit and vegetables. My boyfriend Nick's apartment is no exception, and he has a decent amount of those buggers and they are the most annoying part of his apartment in my opinion (there's several annoying parts, its a basement apartment, has no air conditioning, etc.).

Fruit flies are typically an issue in the summer/fall months, and start their reproductive cycle around your produce (that's what the baby fruit flies eat once the larvae hatch). The total lifespan of a fruit fly from birth to death is about one week, but they can have up to 500 siblings born at the same time (which explains why it seems like there's a never-ending stream of them!). Although fruit flies are normally just pests, they do have the potential to carry bacteria and contaminate your food (Potter para 4).


So, in order to get rid of these pests, my boyfriend, being the most innovative person I know, decided to create his own trap using a plastic cup, a banana peel, saran wrap, and some duct tape.

He placed a banana peel inside the solo cup, put a piece of saran wrap on top, taping it to the cup to make sure it stayed in place, and poked small holes in the saran wrap. The small holes let the fruit flies enter (they can detect the rotting banana peel), but it will not let them escape. After a day or so, the cup had a decent amount of fruit flies in it, and the kitchen was no longer home to 50 or so flying guests! 

photo (6).JPG

Nick was also a former student of Andrew's; he took Science 200 in Fall of 2010! He is now a law student, but his innovation in solving the fruit fly debacle makes me think he should have majored in Entomology.


This is GENIUS! My friends and I just moved into our first apartment and have experienced our fair share of the fruit flies attack. We hate to think we're possibly that dirty because we're really not! So glad I read this, I'm definitely going to try it out.
Below I attached a video on youtube of another home remedy that actually works! I'm going to try both, I want these bugs out!

Very clever remedy! My home was victim to a fruit fly invasion 8 years ago, if we had thought of this we would've solved the issue much faster than we did! We ended up finding their eggs somewhere in our pantry, and immediately threw out all of our food inside it. It was extremely gross.

Clever!!! I'll be sure to give this a try if I ever need to!I always prefer home remedies to store bought ones. My roommate and I ended up having an ant problem over the summer. They always found their way to/near our trash! we actually used the peppermint trick in combination with the lemon juice from this website and it totally worked!

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