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Frozen yogurt shops, commonly known as fro yo, have spread all over the country these past six years or so. Competition to ice cream shops, such as DQ or Cold Stone, the frozen yogurt has done well in attracting customers and rising to the top of the market. A few things sets the frozen yogurt shops apart from regular ice cream. First, they usually have plenty of flavors to choose from, and also have a bar full of every topping you could ever imagine for the delicious frozen treat.  Secondly, frozen yogurt is advertised as the more healthy of choices over the ice cream.

I decided to see what really was so healthy about it. Both frozen yogurt and ice cream, are made with dairy, but ice cream is mandatorily made with atleast 10% milk fat. Now frozen yogurt is made not with milk fat, but instead a yogurt or other form of milk. Frozen yogurt also has significantly less fat, saturated fat, and calories. Therefore, frozen yogurt is definitely the more healthier of the two. It could lose its 'good-for-you-ness' when you add high calorie toppings though. So if you are looking for a less fattening treat that will still quench that dessert craving, opt for the fro yo.  


I am all about the new fro-yo phase and I go to Kiwi probably too regularly. I think that it is very nice to know that fro-yo has less calories and fat than ice cream. The thing I question though is how much more fro-yo can you have until it's just as unhealthy, if not more unhealthy than ice cream? Fro-yo places always have so many toppings as well that are just straight chocolate and other delicious treats. Is adding the toppings making it just as bad as ice cream? I think many people go to fro-yo knowing it is healthier but still manage to make it worse for you than if they went to Cold Stone.

I like frozen yogurt and all but I don't think it is as healthy for you as everyone says it is. I understand that in and of itself fro yo is healthier than ice cream but the fact that at all the frozen yogurt places you give yourself as much as you want and then put as many topics as you want. I may just be speaking for myself here, but that is way too much power for me. We tend to give ourselves as much as we want, which is usually a lot and then we'll throw on any topping that looks somewhat delicious. This article here actually talks about some of the reasons why frozen yogurt isn't all that healthy:

I agree with you Victoria. Fro yo can be very addictive, and the article in my blog mentions the dangers that the toppings can have so you must just eat in moderation :)

Yes plain fro yo is better for you than ice cream. But the danger is when you start adding all the toppings. I agree with you, Ryan, when you say that people tend to not be strong in the self control area. It's all about moderation.

I am glad you investigated this topic because i was meaning to do so. I actually like frozen yogurt more than ice cream so i was very pleased with the fact that people said it was a healthier choice. Usually i just get the sugar free or fat free flavor with fruit on top or granola so i feel as if the topping situation does not apply in this case. I'm happy to know i was making the right decision!
p.s. the froyo at the creamery is amazing.

I can't decide whether I like froyo or ice cream better, it honestly depends on the day for me. Although froyo is said to be healthier, it's probably equally as bad as ice cream with the amount of toppings I put on it. Froyo has literally taken over my hometown; I think we have like 4 froyo places within a 10 mile radius. This article I found provides you with nutrition facts so you can see which one truly is better for you!

I think your blog is enlightening, I love frozen yogurt and it's nice to know all of the healthy things it's made with. In my hometown there is a U-Swirl instead of a Froyo and it's delicious! Here's a picture of my frozen yogurt although I made it sort of unhealthy I really enjoyed it .

Honestly, the best option for eating something creamy and milky is the underestimated cup of yogurt. Yogurt contains less sugar and fat (as long as you pick the right one) while providing more calcium and vitamins. Fro-yo and ice cream are usually picked over yogurt because of the high sugar levels as well as the unbelievably delicious flavors. Also, there are not any yogurt shops conveniently placed between shops filled with vivacious colors like fro-yo and ice cream parlors. Fro-yo is sadly an unhealthy option when you you fill the cup more than half-way with yogurt and easy to grab toppings, such as Oreo, brownies, cookie-dough, and chocolate syrup. So if someone is really that concerned about their calorie intake, either do not eat Fro-yo and substitute it with regular yogurt or just eat a piece of fruit instead!

As soon as I saw "FroYo" in your blog post I was hooked. I came to PSU from a small town in Pennsylvania where we just had the local family run ice cream shops. I had heard about frozen yogurt but never really tried it until Kiwi popped up in State College a few years back. It was love at first bite; so many flavors, so many toppings, so little time. As someone who is dairy-free and gluten-free, frozen yogurts IS a healthier option for me in most cases. They have delicious gluten-free, dairy-free and lower sugar sorbet which I can top with all kinds of fresh fruit such as kiwi, blackberries and raspberries. However, sitting right next to all of this was brownie batter and cake batter frozen yogurt and toppings such as cookie dough, brownie bites and chocolate chips. So is frozen yogurt really healthier? I think in some respects, yes but just like any treat it needs to be done in moderation. This Huffington Post article digs a little deeper and I think after reading it, we all might be more hesitant to jump head first into "froyo" next time.

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