Freshman 15....Sophomore 30


We are all warned before coming to college about gaining freshman 15! Many of us doubt that it happens to us but it's inevitable that we all gain weight. Soon after our amazing first year experiences, we are all relieved when freshman year has come and gone and we have the following summer to get it tight and get it right. But returning sophomore, are you really safe from gaining weight again? Watching what you eat, working out and going on strict diets are all options when trying to keep the weight off but will that really work?

There is research to suggest that are eating habits are not the only thing that contribute to the weight gain in college. Many studies suggest that it has to do with the amount of sleep an individual gets at night. There is a strong correlation that those who are sleep deprived and overeating. As college students, some of us are productive during the day while many others are most productive at night. For those of us who do much of our work at night, we are more at  risk for gaining more weight.

 A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin has found that sleep deprivation play a role in late night snack binges. Consider this, our body being to slowly shut down at night and prepare for a night's sleep. So what is being done internally to keep us from falling asleep in our books? Since the brain requires more energy and production of chemicals to keep our body going, it coordinates with other parts of the body to get it done. To really get a full understanding of the way this works, the researchers at the University of Wisconsin have used rats as their subject in an experiment and this study found that the "rat brain scans in the study revealed sleep deprivation was a likely cause of the over-expression of opioid peptides, particles which can lead to an experience of intense pleasure." What dies that mean in simple terms and in reference this blog, that intense pleasure is the needs of snacks and other foods. 

So as we continue to embark on our journey here at Penn State, let's take this information and 1. not try to study at night and 2. not overdose on junk food at the late hour because the goal is to always keep it tight. 


Being a freshmen, I can already tell the freshmen 15 is real... sadly. I am a person that likes to stay up late and do homework. But I find myself eating while study at those late hours. I never thought about why it is bad for you to eat late at night. The point that your body is shutting down makes sense now though. But maybe if the snacks weren't bad, such as fruit, it wouldn' t be as bad for you? I researched some to find some good snacks that won't be as fatty and unhealthy for a person. It would be hard I think to stop having those junk food late night snacks. Over time though, you can try to cut them out to avoid that freshmen 15 or sophomore 30, if you really want too. Here is a link to the snacks:
I might try them!

This post really caught my attention for many reasons. Obviously none of us want to gain the extra weight that everyone says you'll gain. Students will try anything to keep the weight off. Between eating healthy and going to the gym, those are two ways to ensure you'll be healthy, but I think a lot of times we overlook something as simple as sleeping. That reasoning definitely makes sense though and we all know that our sleeping routines definitely struggle as we transition into college. Sometimes it's hard to make sure we get the recommended 8 hours a night. The link below has the top 10 ways to avoid gaining that unwanted weight, check it out if trying to sleep more isn't working out!

Being a freshman here, I definitely don't want to gain the freshman fifteen. I am trying to avoid that at all costs like everyone else. This post made me rethink my working habits. I usually do my work at night, and after reading this post, I realize I do tend to snack while working. I do not get enough sleep at night, either. Clearly, I have picked up some very bad habits since being at college. The article below states that about 70 percent of college students gain the dreadful weight. It also recommends five ways that will help stay away from the unwanted weight gain. Feel free to read the article.

As a sophomore, I can say that I mostly avoided the freshman fifteen. But it was tough. I completely understand how the weight can be gained though. The food is sub par and with the workload, it's hard to find time to exercise, which is obviously a recipe for disaster. I kept it off by seriously watching what I ate in the cafe and making time to exercise.

This year, with an apartment, it's still a difficult feat. While it's easier to make smarter food choices, it's more difficult to find the time for exercise. It's also disheartening to now know that the ball is not entirely in my court, considering I am one to stay up to finish all my work.

Keeping off the weight is definitely doable with determination and discipline. (totally agree with your meme, though)

I can successfully say I avoided the freshman 15 last year! I was so proud and felt like I had done the impossible. I thought I was safe for good. However, as a current sophomore, I am starting to see how I might be worse off than I was last year. I live in an apartment downtown and, although I make healthier choices throughout the day, I have found less open time to go to the gym. Last year, I worked out just about every day. This year, however, I can hardly find time in my busy schedule to go to the gym more than three times a week!
This drives me crazy! I found a story of a sophomore in college who suffered a similar problem and basically lost control. I attached the site below, read his story! I refuse to let this happen to me!

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