Food and Your Crazy Dreams

So I'm sure we've all woken up before from an especially odd or weird dream.  This specifically happened to me last night and let's just say it got a little weird.  I won't go into details but I tried to think throughout the day before to see what might have given my brain the ideas to formulate such an odd jumble of a dream.  Nothing was coming to me so I thought maybe it was what I ate the day before?  I distinctly remember eating a large amount of Wafers right before going to sleep.  The common thought is that spicy food can cause nightmares but certain studies such as this say that spicy food won't necessarily cause nightmares but it will cause you to take longer to fall asleep.  In general, eating right before you sleep can increase your metabolism and nighttime brain activity.  In my case the large amount of sugar from Wafers probably made my brain a little crazy.  Specifically in the brain, the cerebral cortex, which deals with organizing information.  So next time you have some bizarre dreams check back to what you had the night before and see if that may have caused it.  You never know, maybe you'll want to experiment with different foods.



I didn't know that eating right before you go to bed actually causes you to take longer to fall asleep. I tend to eat right before I go to bed because I don't like to fall asleep hungry. Now I know that maybe this isn't the best idea. Here is a good article I found after looking this up that shows 11 foods that are definitely not recommended for eating before bed.

I had always heard that eating before bed can cause crazy dreams but I had never believed that it was true! I was surprised to read that spicy foods can make it harder to fall asleep. I wonder if there is a disruption in the way that digest food that would cause this? To compliment the post above me I found a list of foods that you CAN eat before bed. The article also mentions that if you have a hard time falling asleep that you should not eat while in bed. Sleep is a funny thing.

I was actually just reading about this. I notice sometimes when I eat a certain type of food either close to or right before I go to bed, my dreams & sleeping patterns seem to have a consistent effect. I've noticed when I eat spicy food, I either have an extremely hard time falling asleep or have the most real nightmares almost every time. I found this really interesting & decided to do a little research of my own, you can read this article I found if you would like to:

This is a really intriguing topic considering I tend to have nightmares every other night and I am not a fan of them. I knew food before you eat was never the brightest idea, not that it changed my habits, but I didn't know that it could affect brain activity that much. Sugar would surely increase it though and that may be the last time I eat a brownie ten minutes before sleep. A website I found that discusses not only foods affect on dreams, but also other factors that affect them can be found here It is very interesting to learn why I do dream what I do, who knew things like food or smell could have such an effect?

Dreams have always been so intriguing to me and like you I have also been having very strange dreams the past few days. I sometimes think it has something to do with the earth’s magnets and of course the myth of full moons. But the past two nights what I watched before I fell asleep was in my dream and what I had been texting my sister about the day prior was also in my dream. I’ve also heard things like “You only see people’s faces in your dreams that you have seen in real life”. I own this Book">">Book book called the Dream Dictionary and it’s a great tool in interpreting your dreams and I think everyone should have one.

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