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Hey class! My name is Morgan Bova and I'm a junior Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management major from a small town in eastern PA right along the Delaware River called New Hope. I'm actually a transfer student and this semester is my first here at Penn State. I previously attended The University of North Carolina Wilmington and Philadelphia University. I know what you all are thinking... You think I'm crazy for going to three schools. Well the truth is it has been a lot but now that I am at Penn State I finally feel like I am in the right place and then there's the fact that I grew up on three different continents (Australia, Europe and the states) so I'm sort of used to the whole moving around and starting over thing (Check out the picture below of my sister, my mom and I outside the Sydney Opera House; I'm the adorable slightly bald two year old in my moms arms).

So basically I'm taking this course because I'm behind on my Gen Ed credits and needed a science credit. The last time I took a science class was Physics senior year of high school so I guess you could say I've been avoiding taking one in college. I was never really bad at science and the truth is I had some really awesome science teachers throughout high school, it was just never something that interested me. The equations and mathematical side of science is what always kind of bored me so when my advisor told me about this class I was all for it because the conceptual aspect of science always appealed to me more anyway. Needless to say I'm not a science major because it always just, well, bored me. This is also why I'm pretty excited for this class because Andrew seems like he is really enthusiastic about what he does and is going to make the class interesting and exciting.



Good job, Morgan! Sounds like you've seen a lot, growing up all over the world and moving to different schools! I love New Hope, such a beautiful place! And UNC and PhilaU are both great schools! And I agree, PSU is the right place for me, too! and I'm sure these will just reinforce that:
Have a great day and I hope to see you in class sometime!

Hi Morgan! I transferred schools as well! Fortunately Penn State seems to be the right fit for me too! I feel your pain on the GenEd requirements though. Good luck with the rest of your first semester here!

Hi Morgan! I hope you're enjoying your first year here. I am a sophomore majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management which I included in my initial blog post
Since I want to be an event planner HRIM courses are highly recommended to me and i'm currently taking 201 with Bart Barlett
I definitely understand the not feeling like you're in the right place. I haven't jumped from college to college but my whole freshman year I changed my major about five times and was never happy until I choose RPTM.
Good luck with your GenEd's! Also I love the picture!

Hi Morgan! I'd just like to start off by saying how extremely jealous I am of you for getting to live in Australia and Europe because they are two places I'm dying to visit. I'm also a HRIM major and I can't wait to look more into everything that goes with it. I think it's cool that you got to go to some different schools before here but I think it's even better that you finally settled on the right one. Here's a link of a bunch of clubs in our major that I learned about today in one of my classes:

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