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Hey all! My name is Joffrey and I'm from Coatesville, PA. I am a sophomore in the college of communications and I am still unsure of what to major in. A big passion of mine is music. I love to play, write, and listen to it. I listen to all sorts of music but if I had to listen to one band only for the rest of my life I would quickly choose The Beatles.


I am taking this course (SC200) because it was recommended to me by my guidance counsellor and I needed the science credits. I am not planning to be a science major. Why? Honestly, I never really gave it any thought but I guess I never excelled in my high school science courses and never felt like I made significant contribution in labs. I think science is very interesting but I have never felt that it is necessary for me to know all aspects of it. 

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1) You have a fantastic name. 2) That's awesome you love to write/play/listen to music! I'm terrible at any type of music, whether it be singing or playing haha so I really appreciate those that enjoy it! 3) I'm also in the college of comm! I'm a freshman and may possible major in Advertising, if you have any suggestions as to how to survive communications let me know! Here's my Facebook Profile!

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