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Hey everyone, I'm Megan Galloway and I'm a freshman from Elverson, PA- about an hour from Philly. Although I'm undeclared on a major as of now, I am not planning on being a science major at all because I really just do not like science and I'm not great at it. This class came recommended and I needed to fill my science requirements so I figured why not?

A little about myself would be I have two brothers and two sisters, all older, so I am of course the baby of the family, and my pit-bull/ boxer mix doggie that I love so much.


That's Yogi watching some TV.

I really have a problem with taking pictures of him and that's basically most of what is on my phone. If animals were allowed in dorms, Yogi would absolutely be here with me right now! Feel free to check some more pictures out on my Instagram because I post them all the time!

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