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Hi Everyone!

My name is Brianna Babik, but everyone calls me Bree.  I am somehow a senior... and I am pretty much in shock I will be graduating this year. After working two jobs this summer, I am not too excited to step out of Happy Valley! For any freshman, please enjoy every second you have here at Penn State because I would give anything to trade places with you!

Anyway, I am a Public Relations major, minoring in RPTM.  I may possibly work at WHIRL magazine in Pittsburgh when I graduate this spring.  If you would like to read some of my work, check out to read some of my wedding articles. (I'm obsessed with weddings!)  Although, one thing I am not too fond of would be science... (which explains why I have waited this long to take my final science class here at Penn State).  I have never liked it and it find it much too challenging. My brain just doesn't work that way whatsoever! I am much more of the writer/talker type person and personally think science is the most boring thing on the earth  (probably next to history). 

If anyone needs any advice on my major/minor or anything at all, feel free to ask away! I've always been know to talk away (aren't most of us COMM majors known for this?)

I chose a picture of my pool at home because I would to be right now! I'm really not feeling the current weather.



Hi Bree! Nice to meet another COMM major. I'm a sophomore here, and I still cannot believe how fast freshman year flew by, I can only imagine being a senior! I actually am deciding between the AD and PR track...did you know right away you wanted to do PR, or did you struggle deciding like me? I also am obsessed with weddings, I love looking at weddings on pinterest. As a COMM major I feel you on the gift of gab, I love talking and expressing my opinions, feel free to learn more about me on my twitter!

Hi Emillllly!!!

I knew I wanted to be a PR major because I felt like it had more writing versus the AD side which is less writing and more about sales. PR is free, and Ads are paid for if that makes any more sense.

Here's an article on the differences, maybe that will help!

And nothing makes me happier than talking to brides! Love wedding on pinterest as well!

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